10 Basic Car Maintenance Tips to Help You Reduce Running Costs and Increase Vehicle Life

Let’s take a look at some useful tips which can help you to reduce running costs and increase life of your vehicle.Basic car maintenance tips

Purchasing a vehicle is an investment and it is vital for you to take care of that investment. Every vehicle owner should know how to maintain their car/bike and first-time owners might be unaware of certain things. Here are 10 basic car maintenance tips which will help you to take care of your vehicle better.

1. Refer To The User Manual

Refer to owner’s manual

Starting off with the 10 basic car maintenance tips is the user manual. Every manufacturer places a user manual inside the car for the owner to refer, but nobody does. It is important to keep the user manual handy as it has all the information about your vehicle from features to maintenance timelines. The user manual can educate you about the car like nobody else can and therefore, referring to the user manual should be a top priority.

2. Check Tyre Pressure Uniformly

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System TPMS

Tyres play a major role when it comes to vehicle health. A bad tyre can bring you to a standstill in the middle of a journey. It is vital that you uniformly check the tyre pressure on your vehicle and fill it to the prescribed pressure. This will increase the life of the tyre by reducing wear and tear. Also, check for objects in the groves of the tyre and tyre wall before every drive.

3. Look Out For Warning Lights

Your vehicle communicates to you through warning lights. It will flash a warning light when you are low on fuel or if there is any other problem with the car. Warning lights can also help in identifying a problem at an early stage. Read the user manual to understand the meaning of the various warning lights as it will ensure proper functioning of your car at all times.

4. Keep The Engine Clean

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The engine is the heart of the vehicle and you should ensure that it is clean at all times. Keeping the engine clean will translate into its smooth running and it will save you from costly engine repairs. Check the engine oil uniformly and keep an eye on any sort of leakage. Along with this, use clean fuel to fill up your car.

5. Clean The Battery Frequently

It is vital for the battery of the vehicle to be in good condition to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle. A clean battery will last longer and save you some money. The user manual includes all the steps to clean a car battery properly. Clean the terminal contacts using a battery cleaning brush and reconnect them to the battery.

6. Keep a Check on Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is vital for your vehicle to run smoothly. Without adequate brake fluid, the brakes might stop working which could result into a major incident. The user manual contains the correct amount of brake fluid to be used. Moreover, keep and eye on the colour of the fluid, as a darker colour suggests that it needs to be changed.

7. Change Lubricants And Filters Uniformly

A vehicle is a machine which works smoothly with the help of lubricants. The lubricants need to be changed from time to time as it may get contaminated. Moreover, the oil filter helps the oil from getting contaminated and it is vital for you to clean the dust and dirt which might get accumulated in that filter.

8. Keep a Check on Spark Plugs

A spark plus is a small thing but it plays a major role in everything. One faulty spark plug could prevent you from starting your car. It is easy to identify a faulty spark plug, for instance, a drop in acceleration or mileage indicates a problem with a spark plug. Ensure to keep a check on spark plugs at all times.

9. Ensure Good Mileage

fuel efficiency of a car

You should ensure that your vehicle is churning out good mileage so that you can save on some money by reducing running costs. Avoid rash driving and keeping heavy objects inside the car. Use clean fuel and check for a faulty spark plug as all of these factors might be hampering the fuel economy of your vehicle.

10. Change Cabin Air Filter

Change Air Filter

To ensure clean air flow inside the cabin, the air filter has to be changed/cleaned regularly. If your AC is not cooling properly, then it might mean that you need to change your air filter. It is easy to change an air filter and you can do it yourself by referring to the user manual.

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