10 Things To Keep In Mind While You Are Taking A Test Drive

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An enormous amount of planning, money management, and effort go into purchasing a new car. After you have decided on a budget, you then research your prospects in the marketplace. Once you have discovered the available automotive possibilities, you brainstorm with your family and shortlist the vehicles based on a number of specific categories. The test-driving phase has now begun after shortlisting! Here, you visit various dealerships to take the car for a test drive. Hence, here’s CarJasoos with the 10 things to keep in mind while you are taking a test drive! A crucial step in determining whether or not the car you want to buy is right for you is taking it for a test drive. In most cases, individuals are unaware of the corporate sales executive’s tricks for selling cars. People fall victim to this and wind up paying significantly more than they intended! So, let us begin!

10 Things To Keep In Mind While You Are Taking A Test Drive

1. Stick to the Budget

To begin with, as soon as you arrive at the showroom, make sure the salesperson understands the price range you have chosen to spend on the car. Keep your resolve! Then, request the precise variant that made the shortlist. Request information about the product’s complete features, safety rating, specifications, and any current discounts. If the salesperson offers to make the car completely equipped with a variety of accessories for a specific sum of money and it probably goes a bit overboard with the budget, just say no. Candid to say, the majority of the accessories are purely decorative and serve no practical use besides being attractive. So, first and foremost; be firm on your budget!

2. Field Of View from the vehicle cabin

Once you’ve seated yourself in the car, watch! Yeah, simply check out the view from the car’s cabin. It is crucial to consider how much from the automobile cabin can be seen from the windscreen, rearview mirror, side mirrors, and windows. Additionally, examine for the car’s blind spots! With this, you may check to see if the number of available views will make it comfortable for you to manage the vehicle safely while driving. So, the view from the car’s cabin should be satisfactory. Also, more view is always preferable, but less is not! However, this is a crucial component of the car for the safety of those driving in its vicinity on the roads.

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics for a car mostly deals with how simple it is to reach, use, and control various automotive components. It might be, for instance, the climate control knob, infotainment screen, windshield wipers, and many other touch points. This also refers to how simple it is to use the clutch, brakes, and accelerator.

4. Comfort

When buying a car for oneself or the family, comfort is likely one of the most crucial considerations, if not the most crucial one!  The car’s seat padding, air conditioning, power steering, headrests, and many other features all contribute to comfort. The driver’s seat should be sufficiently adaptable to provide for both comfort and a good scope of view.

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5. Infotainment and Sound

The car’s infotainment screen needs to be large enough for the driver to see and easily read all the information! The infotainment display should have sufficient touch sensitivity, gesture support (if available), and adequate storage for information that may be used while operating the vehicle, such as navigation. While doing a test drive, the speaker configuration should also be examined. Both when moving and stopped, the sound emitted from the speaker arrangement should be audible. Additionally, it is a good idea to assess the speaker quality while on a call!

6. Acceleration and Brakes

Now, take note of the car’s throttle response while test-driving it. Check to see if there is a proper lag when accelerating with the AC on or off. Additionally, look for the same uphill and downhill! Check the braking if the acceleration appears to be sufficient. The car should have an appropriate stopping distance. Moreover, if available, check for ABS and EBD (absolutely necessary in today’s day and age)! The safety of those inside and outside of the car on the roads depends heavily on the brakes! Also, check for brakes uphill and downhill as well!

7. Transmission

Cars are often available with any one of the three transmission types: manual, automatic, and AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission). The ease of clutch engagement and disengagement, the smoothness of gear transmission, and the perception of vibrations during an upshift or downshift are the standard checkpoints for all transmissions. Check the same parameters both uphill and downhill as well!

8. Manoeuvrability

This relates to the question of whether or not the car can be moved, steered, or controlled with the right amount of driving effort. When driving, pay close attention to this; steering feedback, vibrations, discomfort, etc., are all crucial.

9. Noise

You should be able to hear the noise that the vehicle’s various parts make. The horn shouldn’t be very loud, just loud enough. However, it should be as quiet as possible inside the automobile when the engine is running. Additionally, even with the windows rolled up, the horns of other cars and the voices of people outside the car should be audible. So, all of this increases the driver’s attentiveness while driving. Eventually, with this, the driver is always more aware of and present in the surroundings of the vehicle, whether they are moving or stopped.

10. Features

Both technology and safety features must be present in the vehicle. The technology elements are further enhanced by features like a touchscreen infotainment system, power windows, sunroof, AC, climate control, and power steering. And further safety features for cars include airbags, ABS, EBD, hill-assist, hill-hold, heads-up displays, speed-sensing door locks, rear parking sensors, 360-degree cameras, and others. Check all that is offered in the model that you like!


Finally, we have now come to a conclusion of our post on the 10 things to keep in mind while you are taking a test drive!

To avoid regretting not thoroughly inspecting your car before purchase, make sure to check for everything on the list above.

However, feel free to comment in the comments section if you have anything to add beyond the parameters listed above!

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