15 Pro Tips To Protect Your Car’s Life

car maintenance tips

A car plays a very crucial role in our busy daily lives. Every car owner wants his/her car to last longer. Car maintenance plays a very crucial role in increasing the life span of the car’s life.

Proper care and timely maintenance can increase the life span of a car for years. Car care in India is not budget-friendly if you need to visit the maintenance station every few weeks. A weekly checkup is considered to be a great money saver, as you can identify the issues at the earliest and resolve them in time.

Here are the 15 important maintenance tips listed below, which can make your car last longer

  • Air filter review

The majority of car problems arise due to blocked air filters or even loose fittings. The air filter is solely responsible for stopping dust particles from entering the engine space. The engine needs air during combustion, and blocked air filters can lead to poor performance. These air filters can be changed and cleaned by yourself, or you can visit a nearby mechanic.

  • Fluids and tire pressure review

The machine in the car works solely on the fluids and oils and plays an important role in performance. One must make a habit of checking the oil at home by opening the hood when the engine is cooled and removing the fluid dipstick, cleaning it, and putting it back again. When you pull the dipstick make a note of the level of the fluid. If the fluid is not expected to be at the correct level then you need to change oil timely and color regularly.

The tire is known as the legs of the car. One should never ignore the pressure check of the tire as it affects the comfort and safety of the vehicle.

  • Battery review

The battery pack comprises the cables and their connection with the terminals. You must regularly check for any build-up or leakage around the terminals. The battery is the primary segment to put the ignition in the engine and, a low battery can lead to situations of not starting.

  • Replace your spark plugs

The spark plug is the main factor if your engine is not working as it is. They must be checked regularly for any wear or build-ups. The owner manual when you have to replace the spark plugs.

  • Drive safe

The safer and systematic drive will give a longer life to the car. Rough driving leads to tear and wear of the parts.

  • Brakes review

Failure of the brakes is a rare problem, but sometimes brakes fail to work since the brake pads might be worn out or there might be a leak in the brake fluid. One must keep an eye on the brake fluid reservoir in check.

  • Exterior cleaning

Dust is the enemy of an engine’s efficiency. One must clean your engine exteriors timely to avoid dust build-ups in unwanted spaces.

  • Make sure you carry your automotive tools

One should carry the basic tools to face the problems which can be repaired in a go.

  • Protect the body parts of the car

A majority of the world’s population loves to spend time in the car. The paint layer is responsible for keeping the car body away from rust and contact with the atmosphere.

A clean and fresh interior gives up a positive vibe while driving. The best way to maintain is to take an hour every week to vacuum and clean the other parts of the car.

Maintenance of your car at your level is good for saving your pennies in your wallet. You can feel the vibe of a new car for years if you diagnose and mend it, that does not only save you money but also proves to be a time saver.

Sometimes do-it-yourself tips are very useful for minor cleaning the car and maintenance without visiting a servicing station.

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