2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance – Detailed Review to Uncover the Awesome Facts

Let’s take a comprehensive look at the all-new 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance, its design, interior and exactly how much performance does it offer.

Tesla is a brand which is preferred by people globally when it comes to buying an electric car. Its pricing, features and along with a massive network of power stations globally, people are bound to go for a Tesla. The Tesla Model 3 is their most affordable offering and the performance version is for people who are keen drivers. Older versions of the Tesla Model 3 Performance were quite successful and the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance offers just that and more.

2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Tesla is set to make their debut in India near December 2021 with their most affordable offering, the Tesla Model 3. However, the CBU car will cost a premium in the Indian market. All that being said, let’s take a deeper dive and bring the spotlight towards the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance.

Exterior Design

Tesla follows a similar design on all its cars. Coming to the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance, it looks aggressive and sporty from the front and has no air intakes which gives it a futuristic touch as well. The Matrix LED headlights sort of blend with the overall design. It does not have any cuts or contours on the bonnet, just a fluid floaty design theme.

2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance

The sides have the same futuristic feel to it. The neatly tucked in door handles give it a clean look and has a more minimalistic appeal to it. The 20-inch turbine inspired alloy wheels look great and add that modern touch to the minimalistic design language.

Finally, the rear looks good with the handsome taillights and the bold Tesla logo in the middle. The Performance model gets a carbon-fiber boot lip spoiler which adds to the sporty appeal. Overall, the Performance version is identical to the standard Tesla Model 3 with minimal design changes. Nonetheless, the design looks sporty and proportionate with some futuristic elements.

2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance

Interior and Features  

The minimalistic and futuristic theme continues in interior as well. The dashboard is absolutely uncluttered with just one big infotainment screen sitting in the middle. Tesla’s interior quality used to be poor but with this update, they have improved it quite a lot. The center console is all new and has soft-touch materials everywhere. The lower half of the dashboard has some good quality plastics, but the cabin doesn’t feel premium or plush. The steering wheel has two rotary metallic switches, which can be used to adjust the steering wheel and mirrors. Some switchgear inside the cabin might be below par but get the job done. The seats are comfortable as well and are electrically adjustable. The cabin feels solidly put together and has improved quite a lot from the previous generations of the car.

Model 3

Coming to the features, it is all hemmed in into that big 15-inch touchscreen in the middle which has all the functionality you would require from your car. It has iPad levels of quality and you could access Netflix, YouTube or Twitch while on the move. There is no key or a button to start the car, it is all don’t with the smartphone application. The touchscreen is slick and has a high resolution but the lack of physical buttons makes it a bit annoying to use at times. The owner needs to get used to the fact that the screen houses everything, but it is very interactive and easy to use.

Not to forget, there is no instrument cluster and the screen houses the speedometer. This might be troublesome while driving to look at the screen every time to check how fast are you going. The screen will help you in controlling everything from the outside rear view mirrors to the navigation system to which axle of the car you want to send power to. All of this might be in line with the futuristic theme but it will take time for people to get used to it and it would’ve been slightly better if Tesla installed some tactile buttons to control certain small things.

Performance and Ride Quality

Electric cars are known for their brisk acceleration and the Tesla Model 3 Performance is no less. It gets 480 bhp mated to a single-speed automatic gearbox. The power delivery is instant without any lag which is quite useful in real world conditions for overtaking. The brisk performance would be appreciated by keen drivers but it is also a city friendly machine. It has plenty of power for all occasions and doesn’t feel underpowered at all. It says true to its name and delivers actual performance whenever you need it.

Tesla Model 3 The rear seats are not that comfortable. The seats are placed low and the floor is a bit high which could be uncomfortable for many passengers. Due to its coupe-like design, headroom can also be an issue for taller drivers. The ride quality is planted and it absorbs almost all the bumps with only the sharp ones filtering through to the cabin. The stiff suspension exudes confidence while doing triple-digit speeds and is a better choice for the kind of performance it offers. The steering feels direct and has an ample amount of feel and feedback.


Tesla Model 3

2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance gets a host of safety features which include, front, side, overhead and knee airbags, 360-degree camera with park assist, adaptive cruise control, lane change assist, stability control, dashcam and many more things.


Tesla is set to launch in India with the Model 3 which is their most affordable car yet. With the growing demand for electric cars, Tesla has to keep in the mind the requirements of the Indian consumers and fulfil the expectations. Tesla could arrive in India around December 2021 and with an expected price of Rs 60 Lakhs and with limited charging options, it remains to be seen whether Indian people are ready to spend a premium on an electric car brand.

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