5 Awesome Cars That Should Be Brought Back in the Indian Market in a New Avatar

awesome cars that should be brought back in the Indian market in new avatar

Many of the cars get discontinued. Mostly because they weren’t crowd-popular. Sometimes because they were costing the manufacturers much but not bringing home an equivalent profit. And there are times they are taken out, just because maybe it’s time for them to fall back or be crushed to death.

This does not mean that the models were not good enough. Maybe they were too good for that particular time, or they were not the “hot trend” of that season’s market. In this article, we are going to look back and reminisce of 5 special models that we would really like to make a comeback in the Indian market in hot, new avatars.

Hyundai Eon

Hyundai Eon

The first one on the list is Hyundai’s Eon which was first launched way back in 2011. By the time it was discontinued in the December of 2018, Eon had seen a good eight years in the domestic market. This Korean entry-level hatchback ran a good run against Alto, the leading leader of that segment, and made a name for itself.

Eon’s original 800cc engine got an update with a three-cylinder 1.0-litre Kappa mill in 2014 that put out 65bhp and 95Nm power. Even though Hyundai sent out timely updates of Eon over the years, it never really got a proper facelift in India. If it makes a comeback with new design updates, a more powerful drivetrain, and today’s latest techs, Eon could make a lot of small car buyers happy with its arrival.

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Toyota Qualis

Toyota Qualis

Toyota’s debut in India began with the Qualis in the year 2000. Qualis is one of the most durable cars in the country even now. Toyota not only debuted with Qualis, it also marked its presence in the market and ensured itself an everlasting tag and trust on Quality, Reliability, and Durability.

When Qualis was launched, Tata’s Sumo and Mahindra’s Bolero were already doing successful rounds in the same segment. Even against such strong competition, Qualis earned itself well-deserved popularity with its excellent ability to traverse the rough Indian roads and the sale of 1.4 lakh units over its life of 5 years.

Qualis was one of those vehicles that were discontinued during their peak-performing time period. Not only was the model stopped from production in India but was also stopped globally. During its time, Qualis was available in 3 variants of Family Saloon, Grand Saloon, and Grand Saloon-Touring. The highest-priced variant was somewhere around Rs 9 lakh and above and came in 8 and 10-seater configurations.

Toyota wanted the path clear in the market for the launch of Innova. Hence the model’s discontinued from the market even with its wide popularity. If one model can be guaranteed success on its return, it’s the Qualis. Even now, we can find Qualis models confidently prowling along the domestic roads, with lakhs of miles on them.

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Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai’s Accent was a strong contender for Maruti’s Esteem when it was launched first in 1999. The GTX model (1999-2002) evolved into Viva (2002-2004), CRDi (2002-2004), GLS (2004-2005), GLE (2006-2011), and lastly as the Executive (2011). 2005 was Accent’s peak year in sales with 30,000 units sold that year. By that time, Accent had earned its name as the most dependable sedan that had a price range within everyone’s budget.

Accent lost its hue by 2011 and in just under 2 years after that, Hyundai discontinued the model from its list in the May of 2013. Hyundai replaced Accent with i10 and i20 soon after that. But none of them were Accent.

Hyundai has a lot of potential with Accent. We feel that a little creativity on renaming; the right facelift and some fancy tech could give this compact sedan a re-entry with a bang.

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Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios

Toyota axed Etios in 2020 due to the BS6 emission norms. The Japanese automaker introduced Etios in 2010 and let it enjoy a long 10-year life before cutting it off completely. The domestic market alone had sales of 4.48 lakh units of this model and exported over 1.31 lakh units abroad. Etios was sold for around Rs 5 lakh and became a very popular taxi segment vehicle.

Etios made a significant mark in the country in the sedan segment, being a popular model among customers and fleet operators. Despite its popularity, Etios was one of the timeless and underrated sedans of that decade.

It had undergone multiple changeovers and upgrades during its 10 years on the road. But Toyota decided not to upgrade it further to BS6 emission standards. The later models of Etios were powered by a 1.4-liter D4D diesel engine, producing 68hp and 170Nm.

One factor that was overlooked by Toyota regarding the reconfiguration of Etios was that the sedan wasn’t redesigned for the sub-4-meter compact-sedan era. In the future, if there is ever a return of the Etios line, Toyota should consider this as well as fuel options for future endeavours. There is no doubt Etios would perform better with a well-planned comeback.

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Toyota Etios Cross

Toyota Etios Cross

Toyota discontinued the Etios Cross model at the same time as the Etios. The Etios Cross was available with choices of a 1.5-liter petrol engine tuned to an output of 90PS and 132Nm with a 5-speed manual, a 1.4-liter 68PS-170Nm diesel, and 1.2-liter 80PS-104Nm petrol and the diesel engine. The Cross model was priced between Rs 6.5 lakh to Rs 7.98 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). When the transition to BS6 emission norms was made mandatory Toyota skipped updating this hatchback as well.

The other reason for the discontinuation of this line was the car’s boxy design and its loss of popularity among the regular consumers because of this line’s popularity in the taxi sector.

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Read in 60 Seconds – Article Summary

Some excellent models go out of production because of varied reasons. Some of them
were too awesome to have been removed from the market. In this article, let’s
reminisce of 5 models that were gone too soon and would make us ecstatic if they
come back in new, updated versions.

The entry-level hatchback from Hyundai, Eon launched back in 2011, was
discontinued in 2018. It was an alternative to Alto back in the day and could make a
powerful re-entry with the right engine and aesthetic upgrades.

Next is the Toyota Qualis that was stopped from production during its peak to make
way for the company’s next model, Innova. Qualis was the model that branded
Toyota’s name with Quality, Durability and Reliability. Since we can still find Qualis
models running on our roads with lakhs of miles on them, it is an undisputed fact that
Qualis could make a longer and better run in the market if it is re-introduced.

Hyundai’s Accent is another sedan that was stopped after 14 years of production. This
sedan was one among the very few that made record sales during that period of time.
We believe that with some creative naming, styling and tech upgrades, Accent could
definitely go another successful round.

Two other models that should make a comeback are Toyota’s Etios and Etios Cross
models. Both were discontinued when they were left out from the update due to the
BS6 emission norms. The other reason was the Etios lost its charm among the
consumers because of its high popularity as a taxi model. Both the sedan and the
hatchback could use an aesthetic design upgrade and make re-entry as they are models
with the ability to deliver stellar performances.

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