5 Best Second-Hand Value Cars Available in India For Buyers in 2021

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    Here’s the list of top 5 second-hand value cars available in India which the used car buyers would love to own.

    Best Second-Hand Value Cars in India

    Looking to buy a dependable car in your budget? How about less depreciation cost, minimal paperwork, money-saving, etcetera… etcetera. Sounds wow, right? These are some attributes you get benefitted from when you zero upon to buy a used car. Owing to these fascinating traits, more and more buyers, especially the first time buyers today go for a used car.

    The pre-owned or used car market size continuous to surge year after year with above 10% growth. According to a study, the organised used car market is projected to embrace an annual growth of nearly 23% during 2020-2025. Sighting the lucrative sector, besides the well-known used car players even OEMs have now forayed into the used car market. Hence, thumbs up to your used car buying decision.

    Now, the vital aspect anyone would look at in a used ‘new’ car will undoubtedly be the reliability factor. As a result, we have handpicked the most ‘reliable’ cars in the list.

    So, here are the top 5 second-hand cars available in India.

    Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

    Maruti Wagon R

    Usually, under the entry-level segment, Maruti Alto rules the roost. However, when it comes to pre-owned segment it’s the Maruti Wagon R hatchback most buyers are interested in making it their first family car. And why not as it has the massive reliability of over two decades. The in-demand car offers value for money in every cordon, be it fuel efficiency, low upkeep and roomy cabin.

    Easily available in the second-hand car market, in addition to petrol you can also be fortunate to get petrol + CNG-driven Wagon R model, which makes it extremely efficient. A decent condition 4-5 year old Maruti Wagon R can be found at a starting price of Rs 2.20 lakh.



    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Maruti Swift

    Maruti Swift since long has been the hot-seller car in the new as well as used car segment in India. In its tenure of more than 15+ years sometimes Swift has even beaten all-time best seller small car Alto in terms of monthly sales. The youthful hatch is loved by new-age drivers in the country as it offers the peppy engine and top-class driving dynamics. On top of that, reliability of Maruti Suzuki allows niggle-free ownership, high mileage, low maintenance and excellent value for money aspect.

    Although Swift diesel has been axed from the line-up however you can find it in the used car market, apart from evergreen petrol choice. Equipped with quality interiors and feature list a 2011 Swift can cost nearly Rs 3.0-3.25 lakh.



    Maruti Suzuki Dzire

    Maruti Dzire

    Initially tagged as Swift sibling, the sedan version has made its mark due to its high practicality and the attractive overall package. A preferred car for fleet owners and cab drivers (owing to its long-term reliability), it is one of the lowest maintenance sedans with easy spare part availability nationwide.

    Maruti Dzire’s top end ZXI model receives several contemporary and high on tech features for driver and occupant convenience. For private owners, its roomy cabin, economical engines, and plush ride quality appeal the most. A Dzire sedan with 50,000 kilometres on the odometer can cost you nearly Rs 4 lakh in the second-hand market.



    Hyundai Elite i20

    hyundai i20

    If you want to experience premiumness in a hatch and can stretch your budget a bit, pick Hyundai Elite i20 without any second thought. Owing to its high-value, frugal engine, tried and tested performance spec and dependability, i20 is never out of demand in the used car arena.

    The large spacious hatch offers varied powertrain choices and is stuffed with many advance safety features. Made available in petrol and diesel engine alternatives, the Korean hatch of 2016 model (Asta) with 50k in odometer can be fetched between Rs 4.50 lakh to Rs 5.50 lakh.



    Toyota Innova

    Toyota Innova Crysta

    Think MPV and Innova pop up on your mind. If you look to buy a premium large family vehicle look no other way, pick Innova blindly. Offered in seven and eight-seater configurations, the Toyota reliability backed MPV is also popular among fleet operators. Despite being tagged at an expensive price label, Innova still holds value for money quotient with its excellent reliability, poised engine choices, outstanding comfort and low maintenance expense.

    The Innova seizes high demand in the new car market as well as commands similar liking in the second-hand market. A 2013 BS4 diesel Toyota Innova model 1,00,000+ kms on odometer can be brought at under Rs 5 lakh.


    At a time when new car market is experiencing a sluggish environment, the used car market is attaining new highs in terms of monthly sales. One of the main reasons for this tilt has been the fact that nearly 60% of the used cars sold in India are less than 5 years old.

    This highlights a notable point that new car owners do not use their car for more than 5 years. So, why wait? Depending on budget and need to pick your favourite used ‘new’ car from the list.

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