7 Most Stolen Car Logos in India! Car Monograms That’re Most Stolen in India…Beware!

Yeah, you read the title right! Not the most stolen cars, but the most stolen car logos in India. Check out the list of the 7 most stolen car logos in this article.

Car logos in India


Not surprisingly, stolen, original logos of not just luxury brands but popular car brands, in general, have a demand in the shady markets and scrap outlets. In the past, there have been a lot of reports on authentic monograms being stolen from the cars parked out in the streets at night.

Apparently, the crooks of the night prefer to steal the authentic chrome-finished logos from the bonnet of the cars and sell them for mere hundreds. These logos are worth in thousands, some brand logos go up to even Rs 10,000. The logos more popularly snatched usually are from luxury brands like Audi, BMW and VW but even logos of Honda and Hyundai go missing from cars.

7 Most Stolen Logos in India

  1. Audi

  2. Volkswagen

  3. BMW

  4. Skoda

  5. Mercedes-Benz

  6. Toyota

  7. Hyundai

The late 80s and 90s especially had a lot of logos go missing off the cars, not just in India but abroad as well. Companies like Volkswagen went as far to offer customers to replace the logos for free to avoid bad publicity.

From teenagers stealing them for their own collection to small-time thieves picking the logos for some easy cash at scrap metal shops, car monograms have been a target of theft for many decades.

There were also times when fans of rap groups like Beastie Boys stupidly decided to imitate the singers who wore the car logos around their necks as a fashion statement, especially the VW logo. This prompted an international and idiotic trend of stealing the logos and wearing them for fashion.

Thankfully, people came to their senses long before it became much worse than that.

The logos are also only held to the bonnet by simple adhesives making it easier for the thieves to yank them out and get out in a few minutes. Losing the logos from your car can be a small loss compared to losing the vehicle but it is in no way less annoying. There is no way to recover them as well in a country like ours unless you catch the thief red-handed.

Dealerships of brands like Mercedes and Volkswagen say that they receive approximately 20 or so requests per month for replacing their logos. There are times when you can see Accords and Accents on the road with no logos. So you know it’s not just the luxury brands losing their monograms. Whatever may be your brand of car, make sure you park your car in a safe space during the night especially. It is less likely someone will try to take anything in broad daylight.

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