8 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Plan to Buy a New Car

Can it be just about selecting the most appropriate model and brand? No, there is more to it. Understand how to choose a perfect car that fulfills your needs. Know which questions you must look answers for before you buy your first car. 

8 important questions to ask before you buy a new car

Friends, family members, influencers, advisers, no matter whom you speak to for your new vehicle, everybody will have their view but finally, it is you who must decide. And you need to be smart enough in deciding a car for yourself on the basis of your needs because ultimately it will be you who is going to drive it.

In brief, it is you who must understand the procedure and the significant aspects before you step into a showroom or buy a car online, so that you end up buying a car that fits perfectly your requirements and needs.

Let us run you through the critical aspects you ought to be aware of before buying a new car. So, here’s the list of questions that you must ask yourself when you plan to buy a new car:

  • Which car type suits my need?
  • Which fuel type is good for me?
  • How is the fuel efficiency of the car I am planning to buy?
  • What is the resale value of the car that I have shortlisted?
  • How are the safety features in the car I am planning to buy?
  • What will be the maintenance cost of my new car?
  • Which car insurance should I buy?
  • How is the service network of my new car’s brand?

Here are the answers you are seeking.

1. Which car type suits your need?

select the right car type

As soon as you realize that you need a car, you have to determine its kind. Whether hatchback is enough or you need a 7-seater MPV for accommodate more passengers. For those that do regular off-road drives or live in areas where streets aren’t good in condition, an SUV with higher ground clearance can be a right choice.

Analyze your needs carefully because the notion of getting a car with good seating is exciting but your parking lot may have difficulty in accommodating a larger car. And also, even the narrow streets of your town can make you nervous whilst driving.

2. Which fuel option to consider? 

Choose right fuel type

After you have finalized a specific car type, manufacturer, and variant, the next important thing to consider is the fuel type. While the significant confusion is between petrol and diesel, there are choices of CNG, LPG, and electric as well. To decide from petrol and diesel cars, your everyday running is a very important consideration. Earlier, the significant decision enabler was the massive difference between the costs of both fuels. But now, the cost difference has decreased significantly to a point where diesel is not a rewarding option anymore. Even though the diesel car provides more miles per litre in comparison to a petrol one, the cost of buying a diesel car is more than the usual petrol-powered one. So daily running needs to be taken into account before choosing any of the mentioned fuel types. If your running is over 2000 kilometres monthly, diesel is a great alternative else petrol is a better choice.

Other fuel types that include CNG, LPG, and electric provide excellent fuel efficiency (range per kilometre for electric cars). On the other hand, the restricted community of filling stations/recharge channels is a large barrier with those vehicles.

3. How about the fuel efficiency of your upcoming car?

fuel efficiency of a car

With the hike in fuel prices, selecting a fuel-efficient car has become a key priority. Whether buying a car for yourself or for your family, fuel efficiency attribute always scores high amongst majority of buyers. Petrol cars offer you adequate mileage, while diesel cars are more fuel economical. CNG and LPG are extremely economical in contrast to traditionally fueled automobiles. Always analyze what distance will you be covering with the car that you are planning to buy. If you drive short distances every day, an electric car is the very best of all of the alternatives out there. Their operating cost is low and upkeep cost is also quite limited.

4. What is the resale value of the car you are planning to buy? 

resale value of a car

The significant reason first-time buyers and informed buyers opt for established brands such as Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, or even Toyota is that cars from these brands have a very good resale value in comparison to other manufacturers. When after driving for years, you plan to sell your car in the used marketplace, good resale value of such reliable brand cars allows you to fuel the cost of your next automobile. As soon as you decide the sort of car, start looking for online reviews and categorized sites to obtain a notion of the resale value of a vehicle after a definite period.

5. How about the safety features in a car?

safety features in car

Even though the government has imposed a few mandatory safety gears in each car like ABS with EBD, reverse parking sensors, and dual airbags, you need to give preference to the one that offers you maximum safety attributes. The excess premium for protective attributes might appear to be a costly affair at this time but the security they return is priceless and can save your life from future uncertainties.

6. What will be the maintenance cost of your new car?

maintenance cost of a car

The car you’ve selected may have great mileage, but the overall maintenance cost can ruin your driving pleasure. You ought to go for an automobile whose spare components are easily available and cost less. Additionally, check the numerical warranty period of your preferred car. Occasionally, car brands offer you a guarantee for a specific set of years together with unlimited kilometres, which hints at the long life of its motor.

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7. Which car insurance should you prefer?

8_Car Insurance

While buying a car, insurance is something that you really need to take care of. Although, dealerships may offer you insurance but you are free to do your own research and search for the best insurance that is available at the most affordable price. You can do your research about car insurance online. You do not need to get confused with third-party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. To get a brand-new car, you always need to go for a comprehensive car insurance. Zero depreciation car insurance is just one nice way to keep your automobile procured.

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8. How is the service network of your car’s brand?

service network of car brand

If you have hooked on a new automobile from a relatively new brand, you need to make sure that the brand has an established service network in the city. The main reason behind the failure and success of several cars in the nation is the spread of their maintenance network. A car buyer largely relies on the manufacturer’s service centres as they gives him a sheer peace of mind. He is free to tour anywhere because a widespread service network gives him access to authorized workshops across the country. Therefore, do have a look at the countrywide service network of your car’s brand.

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