What Are the Benefits of Online Car Purchase?

Why is it good to buy a car online on a platform like Car Jasoos? Read on to unlock benefits. 

Benefits of online car purchase

Buying a car online is still a far-fetched idea for Indian consumers. However, the trend is fast changing with more and more users switching to digital mode. The lockdown phase has further accelerated the process. Some buyers are still unsure whether to buy car online or from a nearby dealer. Buying online was once an alien term but now it isn’t. There are several advantages you get by purchasing cars virtually. Here are the significant ones.


Car comparison for better selection

You can always pick your car and compare it against similar modals for prices, features, engines, etc. Unbiased comparison helps you understand the merits and demerits of a car. Moreover, since you are comparing it online, there won’t be any pressure from the dealer favouring a particular car model he wishes to sell.

No pressure from the pushy salesman

The car salesperson knows which are the low performing models (in terms of sales) and the areas where he can make a good profit. He will always be on your head when you step-in the dealership making the car purchasing experience unpleasant. The high-pressure sales tactics will eventually ‘convince’ you to opt for a particular model, which you may regret later when you drive your new car home. Buying online eliminates this pressure game; you can take your own sweet time to buy your preferred car.

Widest choice of car styles and colours

Another advantage of buying a car online is you have the complete liberty to choose the type of car and its colour as per your choice. You can select different engine-gearbox combinations and variants too. However, the dealer will always try to sell you the model which is available in the stock. So even before you go for the selection, it’s already trimmed at the dealership. Buying the car online gives you the complete list of options which are offered by the manufacturer. You can select your preferred vehicle without compromising on choices.

Buy at your time

Unlike dealership pressure to buy a car on the same day to avail a particular discount or unavailability of your chosen car variant on your preferred day, buying the car online frees you from this unnecessary ‘time’ pressure.

Streamlined process

The process of buying a car from a dealership is a tedious task. Right from booking the car to negotiating the prices to finalizing it – it takes your considerable time and energy. And not to mention, the important assignments you miss due to your time at car dealerships. The process streamlines when it is done online and takes a few minutes to complete.

Saves money

When buying from car dealers you need to physically go to different dealerships take their quotes and then compare the prices. However, the online buying experience is completely different, especially from leading auto portals like Car Jasoos, where you get the best prices from different dealers’ right in your inbox. You can choose the lowest bid and complete the buying process. This way you get the best possible deal on your new car.

Buying a car online is completely different from the traditional method. So, do your research and ensure you are getting the best deal before you click on the ‘buy now’ button.

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