5 Best Car Accessories to Buy in India in 2022

5 best car accessories to buy in india

We have a lot of accessories at home to simplify our chores, keep things organised and to improve convenience while doing everyday tasks. So why should we not have the same comfort when we are driving?

To have that level of convenience in cars, we have gadgets and other accessories available easily in the market. Out of the plenty of products you can find on the internet and in the stores, we have a list of selected few here.

You can consider these as the top essential 5 accessories for you to possess in your car.

  1. Adjustable Phone Holder

Adjustable Phone Holder

First on the list is an adjustable holder for smartphones. Using mobile phones when you are driving is not advised but cars without navigation systems will require you to use your phones for maps. Since these adjustable holders are pretty affordable to purchase, it will enable you to access the maps on your phone without using your hands and being distracted from driving.

An adjustable smartphone holder can cost around Rs 500 – Rs 700. You can check the reviews online before buying your preferred brands. The most popular ones are from Portronics and other such known electronic brands.

  1. Dash Cam

Dash Cam Best Car Accessories to Buy in India

Dash cams can be very useful as evidence during any road traffic accidents. The video evidence from a dash car is accepted by most of the authorities including insurance companies. Also, these devices can record the journey and capture the scenic roads for you to remember. However, there are a couple of disadvantages to having a dash cam. One is that it could be distracting during a drive and the other one is that the cam is positioned such that it could attract theft. Dash cams usually priced between Rs 3,000 and Rs 10,000 are available from brands like Procus, Nextbase and Xiaomi.

  1. Portable Tire Inflator

Portable Tire Inflator

Flat tires are a nuisance in the middle of a road for anyone. As an alternative to being stranded, you can buy one of these portable tire inflators that will help you seal the puncture or leak temporarily until you can get to a service centre. Brands like Mi, Michelin, and Solimo are offering affordable and good quality portable tire inflators for a price of Rs 1500 to Rs 3000. You can get these online and at the stores too.

  1. Mini Trash Bin

Mini Trash Bin for Car

After a trip with friends or kids in the car, there is definitely going to be a lot of litter inside the car. Throwing them out on the road is not only irresponsible but a reprehensible action. Having a mini trash bin in the centre console of the cabin will help collect all the loot and throw it away later. There are small trash bins for as low as Rs 200 from brands like Vendere, Baseus Automotive, etc. Some carmakers even offer these as optional accessories you can always buy from the showroom.

  1. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Taking your car to the cleaning service is not economically intelligent. At the same time, some wastes are not easily picked up from the insides of the car. A clean car not only makes for a comfortable ride but for a hygienic one.

We have portable vacuum cleaners that we can use for cleaning our cars. Brands like Bergmann, GoMechanic and Eureka Forbes all offer these under Rs 3000. There are a lot of models available that are priced from Rs 1500.

We hope this article helped you choose the right accessories for your vehicle. Follow Car Jasoos Autoblog for more such articles.

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