10 Most Insane Car Features You Didn’t Know – Craziest Luxury Car Features That’ll Shock You!

We all know how opulent the experience of driving luxury cars is or we hope to know. They offer you accessories and features that you will not have dreamed of wanting before.

Luxury cars from any brand come with the highest of all features that are advanced technologically and available in the market. Most of these features are usually winners and are excellent convenience features. But there are a few that will make you drop your jaws and some that will just boggle your mind.

This article is a list of the 10 most intriguing features that we found in luxury cars from around the world.

  1. Leather Air Vents

leather air vents

Porsche offers you air vents with leather trimmings. It is optional for a price of Rs 80,000 approximately for those who don’t want the blight of plastic air vents ruining the all-leather interiors of their Porsche. The air vents can join the other leather trimmings like the steering wheel surround, seat belt buckles, belt outlets and sun visors.

  1. Special Interior Trim

special interior trim

When you are buying a luxury car, you also have the luxury of customising the small details to your specifications. Cars from brands like Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, etc. have options of interior trim in original wood and real metal. Bentley even allows you to have stone veneers embedded in the trim while some brands let you provide the wood for the trim with your choice of patterns on them.

  1. Granite Trim

granite trim

Mercedes offers Maybach with special granite lined interiors for those who are not satisfied with the usual wood and leather trims. The luxury on the inside of these cars is what makes them stand out to the exclusive circle of customers they attract.

  1. Scent Systems

Scent Systems

Cheap air fresheners are not going to look attractive on a car worth lakhs. Buying some pre-packed scents is not going to cut it out either. So what do these luxury companies do? Integrate a special scent system into the air conditioner itself. You are offered your choice of scents which are in small jars in the glove box from where it pumps the scent into the air vents. The frequency and quantity can be controlled electronically from the infotainment system.

  1. Starlight Roof

Starlight roof

This is an optional extra you can get done to the roof of your Rolls Royce to create an inner roof that looks exactly like the night sky on any particular date you want. A chauffeur-driven date night under the stars on your roof might feel extra special.

  1. Customised Mechanical Clock

Customized Mechanical Clock

Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling mechanical clock in the colours – solid white and rose gold is available for an extra Rs 1.44 Crore with the Bentley’s Bentayga. The bespoke clock with a high precision winding mechanism is probably the costliest option you could get even for a luxury car.

  1. Gentleman Function

Gentleman Function

A Gentleman Function – Really, BMW?

BMW 7 Series offers this Gentleman Function, an electronic function that lets the driver adjust the passenger seat. So instead of a butler to see to your needs, it’s the control on the driver’s console.

  1. Transponder Watch

Transponder Watch

Aston Martin has its own smartwatch that is integrated with the system on the DB9 that lets you turn it on and off. This Transponder watch is just like a superhero gadget as you cannot get the feature in the form of an app on your phone or smartwatch separately. The Aston Martin Transponder watch is integrated directly with your car and itself only. It’s called a Jager- LeCoultre Transponder watch and costs Rs 22.88 Lakh extra.

  1. Bentley’s Infotainment Pack


Infotainment Pack

Bentley’s Infotainment Pack includes 2 iPads or 2 Android tablets, 2 in-headset displays, a drop-down 12” screen and 15 GB space for music. This is for an additional fee of Rs 24.4 Lakh. It will probably cost you less if you buy all those separately but you won’t get them on your Bentley!

  1. Silver-Plated Champagne Flutes

Silver-Plated Champagne Flutes

Mercedes Benz S600 has a rear centre console with a wine chiller and 2 silver-plated Champagne flutes while the centre console has cup holders. Well, you should flaunt them if you have them, right? Driving around chauffeured is an experience not entirely complete if you don’t lounge in the back seats once in a while sipping some champagne.

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