Simple Winter Car Care Tips For Car Owners

winter car care tips

Winter has begun! In the winter season, it is highly recommended that you look after your car in the best possible way. Let us discuss the car problems faced during the winter season and how to overcome them to ensure optimum upkeep and maintenance of your car.  

The most common problems faced by cars during the winter season are:

  • Weak motor start
  • Frozen windshield wipers
  • Dead battery 
  • Thick fluid
  • Cracks in spark plugs
  • Faulty alternator belt
  • Low tire pressure

Tips to look after the car before and during winter:


It is the key tip that needs to be followed by every car owner frequently.

The car’s health must be checked-up at a service centre. If the winters are too chilly, cars need to be parked under a closed garage, especially in the Himalayan regions. The car owner needs to check whether the car’s every part is working or not. 

Battery Condition

As the winter season gets too harsh and too cold, it causes the battery to drain fast and may lead to malfunctions.

One must check whether the battery is packed properly. In rare conditions, pour distilled water. Use clamp meter for checking battery’s voltage.

Also, cover the battery jumper wires with heat shrinks as it makes them insulated.

If the battery power reduces, headlights, indicators and the engine may not function properly. So, get the battery regularly checked from a nearby garage.

Tyre Pressure

During the winter season, cracks may appear on worn-out tyres or tyres with low air pressure, leading to leakage of air. Have an eye on tyre pressure every week during the winter season. Every car owner must have a portable pressure checker and an air pump to ensure that the air pressure is thoroughly maintained during the season. Besides this, do check for the tyre tread and if the tread depth is not enough, better get the tyres replaced.

Warming Up Car

The best tip to keep the car healthy is to make the car warm for a few minutes before your set off for your car trip. This will help your car battery to charge properly if it is heading towards expiry and may even warm the engine for a fluid drive. 


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