BMW X5: The Amazing Traits You Didn’t Know

The Bavarian SUV or rather SAV looks intimidating in the new avatar. Know the five interesting traits of the X5.

BMW X5 The Amazing Traits You Didn't Know

BMW launched the fourth-generation X5 in India in 2019. Recently in June 2020, the German automaker introduced a new entry-level trim of the X5 – the xDrive30d Sport X at Rs 74.90 lakh (ex-showroom). The vehicle shows enhancement in each of its attributes be it looks, NVH levels, cabin space or driving dynamics. The SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), as BMW likes to call its X series, has grown in proportions and shows more prominence on the road.

Let’s have a look at the amazing traits of the new-gen BMW X5. Buckle-up your seat belts, please.

1. BMW Gesture control

To keep your drive connected and focussed, the new BMW X5 gets gesture control wherein you take control of certain features through different predefined gestures of your hand. For instance, you can enact of swiping or pointing to accept or reject your incoming calls. Move your hand in circular motions to raise or lower your audio volume. It could prove really handy once you get used to it.

2. Two-Part Electric Tailgate

An innovative approach to tailgate mechanism which irons out the hassle of putting luggage in SUVs with higher loading lip. The two-part electric tailgate splits horizontally with major section lifting up while minor one dropping down.

You get an electrically retractable cover in the luggage compartment which disappears below the floor insert at a touch of a button. It opens up once the two-part tailgate is opened and shuts when it is closed.

3. Larger than its predecessor

The BMW X5 has grown in size with the new generation model. It has become longer, wider and taller than its predecessor. With 4922mm length, 2218mm width and 1745mm height, it is 36mm longer, 15mm taller and 66mm wider in its latest avatar. It boasts a ground clearance of 214mm. There is a catch with the ground clearance. Read the next point which clears the air.

BMW X5 Fourth-gen BMW X5 Difference
Length 4886 mm 4922 mm 36 mm
Width 2152 mm 2218 mm 66 mm
Height 1730 mm 1745 mm 15 mm
Wheelbase 2934 mm 2975 mm 41 mm


4. Air suspension at both ends

This time around BMW has gone for air suspension set up at the rear as well as the front axles. Defying the conventional suspension, the air suspensions embrace the new BMW X5 with a new height adjustable feature. You can raise or lower the ride height in 5 steps.

The margin of adjustment is great and noticeable from outside. The adjustment can be done manually at a touch of a button. The adaptive 2-axle air suspension enhances the driving experience by keeping the SUV at a constant height irrespective of the load.

5. Wider tyres of Lamborghini Huracan

This is one out of the box feature or rather surprising attribute of the X5. It gets fatter tyres of the width of the tyres used in the supercar Lamborghini Huracan. We are talking about the rear wheels of the BMW X5 which gets 305/40 R20 inches size with the 305 tyre-section matching that of the Huracan. The front wheels get 275/45 R20 measurements.

These were some of the amazing features of the fourth-generation BMW X5. Hope you enjoyed reading them.

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