Dos and Don’ts While Filing a Car Insurance Application

Here’re some important things to remember when filing a car insurance claim.

Car Insurance

Driving a car and going on a long journey could be a lot of fun. One bad occurrence or accident can put a damper on the experience. This might involve being hit by a falling tree or becoming stranded in a flooded region.

If such an occurrence occurs, you can make a claim with your insurance company to recover the costs of the losses. However, for some people, filing a claim may not be as simple as it appears; it necessitates the completion of certain procedures.

Knowing the following Do’s and Don’ts will assist you if you have never filed a vehicle insurance claim before.


Make an FIR

When you are involved in a vehicle accident, one of the first things you should do is call the police and submit an FIR (First Information Report).

  • When starting the settlement procedure, all insurance companies want a copy of the FIR.
  • In the event of a traffic collision resulting in physical harm or death to a third party, you must submit an FIR.
  • In addition, if your automobile is taken, you must file an FIR. While filing a claim, you must submit one copy to the insurance company and keep one copy for yourself.
  • FIR is not required in the event of minor automobile dents.

Notify your insurance company

It is equally important to notify the insurance company about the accident as it is to submit an FIR. According to experts, “you must notify your insurance within seven days after the accident. If you don’t do so, there’s a good chance your claim will be turned down.”

Some insurance companies provide you a 48-hour timeframe. Within this timeframe report the accident. Get your claim settled by notifying the insurance provider as soon as possible.

The paperwork should be sent to the insurance company

  • Give the insurance company the necessary claim-related papers.
  • Inquire about the papers necessary for the settlement with the insurance.
  • The timeframe within which you must complete them.

To begin the settlement procedure, most insurance companies require the following documents:

  • Form for filing an insurance claim
  • The insurance policy’s copy
  • A duplicate of the RC (Registration Certificate)
  • a copy of a current driver’s licence



Never flee the scene of an accident

One of the most common mistakes individuals make that leads to their auto insurance claim being denied is fleeing the scene of the accident. According to experts, you should never flee the scene of an accident and should not move the car from its current location. If your automobile has been damaged, it is best not to drive it any further since it may cause more damage and cause the insurance provider to decrease or reject your claim. You must also refrain from making any repairs to your automobile until your claim has been approved by the insurance provider.

Never conceal any information

During an accident inquiry, persons frequently do not divulge all of the circumstances of the event or try to conceal key information. If you don’t disclose the truth, your claim may be denied due to ambiguous facts, or your policy may be invalidated.

Don’t accept an out-of-pocket settlement

Frequently, the at-fault party would propose to settle the case without telling the insurance company or the policy. You should reject such offers since failing to notify the appropriate authorities about the accident is unlawful.

Do not sign any claim-related documents hastily

Make sure you properly examine the policy paperwork before filing a claim to learn about the coverage’s features and limitations. Also, you should never sign any document without first seeking legal counsel from a professional, and you should always double-check the insurance company’s estimated worth of the damage. Finally, when it’s time to renew your policy, make sure to mention your auto insurance no claim bonus on the renewal form to receive a discount on your rate.

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