How to File a Car Insurance Claim Following an Accident

car insurance claim steps

Introduction to Insurance Claim

An insurance claim is a formal request to the insurance provider for reimbursement of the harm sustained by the policyholder. The compensation is given in accordance with the coverage provided by the insurance company under the insurance agreement to the policyholder.

An insurance claim can be submitted in one of two ways: cashless or reimbursement. When a policyholder gets their automobile fixed at one of the insurance company’s associate garages, the claim is handled in a cashless way since the insurance company pays the garage straight for the repair costs.

Essential Documents For a Car Insurance Claim Application

The policyholder must provide specific papers as part of the automobile insurance claim settlement procedure in order to authenticate and accept the claim. Along with the submission of the required papers, you must complete the insurance claim paperwork. The following papers are required as part of the claim settlement procedure.

  • The insurance policy’s copy
  • The police station has received a First Information Report.
  • A photocopy of your driver’s licence
  • A copy of the car’s registration certificate

In the event of a refund claim, you may need to provide further documentation.

  • An estimate of the repairs in a few words
  • In the event of bodily injuries, a medical report is required.
  • Original receipts for extra costs

6-Steps to File Insurance Car Claim

How do I make a vehicle insurance claim? To get the most out of your vehicle insurance coverage, notify your insurance provider as soon as possible about the accident and the extent of the damage, as well as the police. If your claim is valid, your insurance provider will compensate you after checking your car and other factors. Here are some tips to help you make a successful claim for your damages:

  • First, notify the insurance company

    Call your auto insurance provider right away and let them know about the accident. Due to the time constraints, you must notify the insurance of the accident within seven working days, failing which your claim settlement period will be considered lapsed. You must supply important papers such as softcopies of your driver’s licence, automobile registration certificate, FIR, and the first two pages of your insurance policy to file a claim. A comprehensive letter sent to the Road Transport Office may also be required (RTO).

  • Secondly, File a police report at the nearest police station

    In the case of a car theft, fire, or road accident, including third-party damage, notify the police and submit a FIR, since this is a required step in the auto claim settlement procedure. In cases when the car has dents and scrapes, the FIR might be avoided. When there is a bodily harm or a third-party accident, it is a requirement. The police will go to the scene to assess the defects and determine whether or not the accident was caused by mechanical failure. The FIR will also include all pertinent information of the driver, the vehicle, the passengers, and any witnesses or other relevant information.

  • Thirdly, take photographs as proof of ownership

    Some folks might rather submit a refund claim. In these situations, photographing the scene of the events might be beneficial. You can take a few photographs of the accident scene, including your automobile damage, bodily injuries, and so on, and use them as proof throughout the claim settlement process. You can also write down the names, phone numbers, and addresses of your witnesses and third parties (if any) so that they can assist you throughout the process.

  • Fourthly, Give the insurer all of your documents

    Following the filing of the FIR, the next stage is to settle the claim. It can only begin if all of the necessary documents have been submitted to the insurance company. Ensure that all copies of documentation such as your driver’s licence, automobile registration certificate, FIR, and other relevant information are submitted.

  • Fifthly, request a surveyor from the insurance company

    Make a claim with your insurance provider and request that they send you a surveyor to do a comprehensive inspection. You can also file a claim online by visiting the insurance company’s website or other web portals, if they offer such a service. In the event of a cashless claim settlement, a representative from the insurance company will be dispatched to assess all of the severe damage to your vehicle. He’ll direct you to the appropriate garage network, where your car may most likely be towed. The insurance company will tow the car to check that there are no more damages. The survey is usually conducted within one to two working days of receiving notification of a vehicle insurance claim.

  • Sixth, Automobile Repairs

Get your automobile fixed and start the insurance claim procedure. There are two methods for settling a dispute. If someone wants a cashless claim, they will not be responsible for the cost of repairs. In such circumstances, it is advised that the car be taken to one of the insurance company’s network garages. Only the deductibles must be paid by the policyholder; the remainder is covered by the insurer. If someone pursues a compensation claim, on the other hand, he or she will be responsible for all damages.

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