5 Cars With Big Boot Space in India – Top 5 Cars With Large Cargo Volume

Here’re the 5 best cars with big boot space in India from varied segments.

Automobile manufacturers in India have to be wary of everything when developing a car. Indian consumers want a well-packaged car at an affordable price and practicality is one of the major factors to consider while choosing a car. A car with a spacious boot might be a priority for somebody with frequent highway drives. Nowadays, people are opting for CNG kits which eat up boot space but still want considerable space left after the installation. Considering all these factors, here are 5 cars with big boot space in India.

Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid

The first car to make it in the list of 5 cars with big boot space in India is the Renault Kwid. Renault is the pioneer of churning out space from unbelievable places. It is a car that has small dimensions but has the biggest boot space in the segment. With a considerable room at the front row and rear seat, there is still a whopping 300 litres of boot space. No other entry-level hatchback is near this figure and Renault has done a commendable job when it comes to this. It is a perfect car for people with frequent highway trips or people considering getting a CNG kit fitted.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz sunroof cars in india

In the premium hatchback segment, we have the underdog which has the biggest boot space among its competitors, the Honda Jazz. It is a very popular car globally and used to be in India as well, until rivals took over and it was sort of left behind. Honda Jazz is undoubtedly the most spacious premium hatchback in the segment and has the biggest boot at 354 litres. Honda has done a fantastic job in extracting every ounce of space to satisfy the needs of the customer and increase practicality. It is a good car which offers great peace of mind and will fulfil all the needs you can expect from a premium hatchback.

Nissan Kicks

Nissan car offers this month

Nissan Kicks is not a very popular vehicle in the crossover segment due to the competition being a bit better and having a bigger market share. However, Nissan Kicks is one of the best products launched by Nissan in the Indian car market. Its premium design and a well thought out interior all go in its favour, but when it comes to practicality, it scores high. Nissan Kicks has the biggest boot in the crossover segment at 400 litres which might give competition to some mid-size SUVs as well. It will prove to be a brilliant car for people who have to do frequent highway trips with people. Nissan Kicks is an underrated crossover and deserves more recognition.

MG Hector

MG Hector Features Pros

Moving into the 5-seater SUV segment, we have the MG Hector which has come on top in terms of space and practicality. Hector has been a fairly successful car for the MG group in India and has helped them to establish a name for themselves. Its typical SUV like shape with modern elements and a premium interior, helped people to like it and buy it in huge numbers. Talking about space and practicality, it has the biggest boot in the segment which is 588 litres which is considerably higher than the competition. This makes the Hector a great car for highway expeditions with family and even for using the luggage space while shifting houses.

Honda City/Maruti Ciaz

Honda City Second Hand Value Cars in India

In the mid-size sedan segment, we have a tie between Honda City and Maruti Ciaz. Both of these cars are evenly matched and have sales in significant numbers. These cars are well-liked by the people and give tough competition to each other. Honda City and Maruti Ciaz both have a boot space of 510 litres which is more than enough for long family trips. Even with a CNG kit, there is still considerable amount of boot space left to keep luggage and this makes both of these very practical and evenly matched. Both these cars have a loyal fan following and buying either of them wouldn’t affect your decision.



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