Cars With More Safety Less Performance Or Cars With Less Safety More Performance?

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What should you choose in your car – More safety and less performance or less safety and more performance?

This article is about choosing cars with the safety and performance factors in mind and what you should prioritise the most.

Times have changed through the years, especially with the choice of cars people prefer to buy. It changed the most popular body type from sedans to hatchbacks to SUVs. Similarly, these days, the car’s appeal lies more in the features offered.

One of the important sets of features offered is that which determines the level of safety of a car. Studies have shown that customer satisfaction is higher for cars with the latest safety-related features on tap.

Mahindra Scorpio 2022
Mahindra Scorpio – a constant favourite among Indians but scored poorly in the GNCAP tests

Appeal of Performance

The other factor that tips the buyer’s favour on the opposite side is the performance of the vehicle. Fuel type and fuel efficiency are more or less the 2 most important factors when we talk about performance. More performance-related factors may include the driving range of the car, HVAC system, ride quality, handling and other similar ones.

Kaustav Roy, Director & National Head, India, JD Power, said, “With the enhanced focus on safety and crash precautionary features soon to be introduced in the market, manufacturers who align their vehicle design with this new trend and ensure that their customers feel as safe as possible when driving their vehicle are more likely to appeal to customers and increase overall satisfaction.”

APEAL study

JD Power did an APEAL study (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) in India back in 2018 that scored different car models on various factors including performance and safety-related parameters.

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Car safety

Safety vs Performance

Recent trends in cars have moved towards more safety features with customers beginning to prefer cars with better safety equipment. So now the decision lies in our hands to choose a car that offers more safety or more in terms of performance.

Like any other decision, the primary filter would be your budget. Look at what fits your range of affordability. Then comes the plethora of features in the models. Comfort and convenience features are the major attraction in any car as the latest technology makes you feel luxurious like never before. When you look past their aesthetics and their luxury, you will need to decide where your priorities lie.

Tata Punch 2022
Tata Punch – One of the Safest Models Available in India

Do you need speed, a powerful engine, great fuel economy or the security of travelling in a car that will keep you safe in an unprecedented situation? Performance has been and will always be a major influencing factor when deciding on a particular model. But safety has become a popular requirement in vehicles these days.

With many current models like the Punch and Nexon performing well in crash tests and proudly coming with 4 or 5 stars from GNCAP tests, consumers have begun to prefer cars with better safety features.

If you are a luxury car owner, then the whole argument will travel on a different trajectory. Luxury cars come with one thing in mind – grandeur. However, luxury brands strive to offer opulence on every level beginning with the aesthetics of the car. They not only offer a smooth and heavenly ride but also come with advanced convenience and safety features that you cannot probably imagine needing.

Our Verdict

For the Indian roads, we recommend cars that offer a decent fuel economy and good ride quality along with pretty good safety features added on top. It is not sensible to choose any car with less safety and more performance for a normal user as it will not serve the buyer’s purpose. Similarly, a car with over-the-top safety features but poor performance will only fail to satisfy the owner in the long term.

So, if you are a normal car buyer like the majority of us, try and find a balance – with your safety in mind, as performance is something you can compromise on unlike the safety of you and your family.

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