Chennai-Based Company to Unveil Asia’s First Hybrid Flying Car in October

Chennai-based firm to reveal Asia's first hybrid flying car in October

The global race to launch personal flying vehicles is underway, and Chennai’s Vinata Aeromobility wants to do its part to set a new milestone. An autonomous hybrid flying car from the company will be unveiled at the world’s largest Helitech exhibition at Excel, London on 5 October. The car is said to be Asia’s first hybrid flying car that runs on a blend of biofuels and electricity.

Despite its weight of 1100kg, the hybrid flying car can accommodate a maximum takeoff weight of 1300kg. Hybrid electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft is the type of aircraft the flying car operates. Its rotor configuration is a coaxial quadrotor. An emergency generator can supply electricity to the motor if the generator shuts off.

A digital instrument panel powered by artificial intelligence is integrated into Vinata’s hybrid flying car, making the experience of flying and driving the vehicle more engaging and hassle-free. A company claims that its flying cars are luxurious, visually attractive, come with GPS trackers, and have entertainment on board. Rather than a traditional lens, the flying car gets a three-dimensional panoramic canopy.

Flying cars are reportedly able to travel 100 kilometres and reach speeds of 120 km/hr. There is an advertised maximum flight time of 60 minutes and a service ceiling of 3,000 feet.

The hybrid-electric flying car is equipped with an ejection parachute as well as an airbag enabled cockpit. Additionally, the hybrid flying car uses Distributed Electric Propulsion (DEP) technology to provide redundant safety to its passengers. The large aircraft has multiple propellers and motors so that, even if one falters, the other motors and propellers will still be able to land it safely.

The flying car dreams of Vinata Aeromobility have been realized thanks to seed funding provided by angel investor Mohan Paroha – a veteran businessman from India and Europe who has worked in management, IT, and real estate.

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