Delivery Delays Will Soon Be Resolved For Tata Nexon EV

Tata Nexon EV Prices in Maharashtra Equal its Diesel Counterpart Prices

The Maharashtra state government has announced a process for claiming subsidies for electric vehicles, giving Maharashtra customers who are awaiting deliveries of their Tata Nexon EV a sigh of relief. Earlier, we reported that more than 400 Nexon EV deliveries were delayed in the state due to unclear claims procedures.

Maharashtra’s government clarified that vehicle manufacturers can register with or apply to direct industries in Mumbai if the state transport department does not create a dedicated portal soon. In order to obtain car insurance, the automaker will apply for the customer on a fortnightly basis. The information contained in this application will confirm the final price of the vehicle to be paid by the customer (on-road price) including the subsidy deduction.  

The subsidy is only available to vehicles registered after July 23, 2021. After submitting the vehicle details, the verification process will take around 15 days, following which refunded subsidies will be deposited directly into the manufacturer’s bank account within 90 days, provided the funds are available. A vehicle incentivised under the initiative will also not be allowed to be sold outside Maharashtra for a minimum of 5 years from the date of registration. Such vehicles will not be issued a “NOC” by the state RTO.

When will customers receive their Nexon EVs?

Customers can expect deliveries for Nexon EVs to begin by September end or early October, according to dealers. Tata Motors is currently training one of its staff members. The backlog of Nexon EVs appears to have increased to more than 600 units in the state, meaning it may take more than a month to clear this.

The Nexon EV could also face a delay given that bookings have not yet been confirmed. As a result of the shortage, the vehicles booked now may only be delivered in November or December due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage. One important thing to note is that the state early bird discount of Rs 1 lakh is only available for vehicles registered before December 31, 2021.

Price Cut Details:

Under the policy, rewards are provided based on the battery capacity of the electric four-wheeler, with the maximum incentive cap at Rs 1.50 lakh for vehicles registered before December 31, 2021.  There are two Nexon electric vehicles that qualify for subsidies: the EVXM and EVX+. 

2021 Tata Nexon EV prices:

Ex-showroom price On-Road price Mumbai Subsidy Estimated discounted on-road price*
XM Rs 13.99 lakh Rs 14.99 lakh Rs 2.50 lakh Rs 12.49 lakh
XZ+ Rs 15.65 lakh Rs 16.72 lakh Rs 2.50 lakh Rs 14.22 lakh
XZ+ Dark Edition Rs 15.99 lakh Rs 17.13 lakh NA NA
XZ+ LUX Rs 16.65 lakh Rs 17.76 lakh NA NA
XZ+ LUX Dark Edition Rs 16.85 lakh Rs 18.03 lakh NA NA


Those who purchase vehicles before December 31, 2021, are also eligible for early bird discounts (on purchases before that date). Thus buyers of Nexon EV, whose variants qualify for the incentives, should receive up to Rs 2.5 lakh in savings – Rs 1.5 lakh from direct subsidies and Rs 1 lakh from early bird incentives.

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