Downsides of Installing Aftermarket Equipment

Let’s understand some limitations of installing aftermarket equipment and whether it is a good idea or not.

Some people usually prefer to buy a base model of their preferred car and later, customize the vehicle by installing aftermarket equipment. Mostly, the equipment consists of high-quality stereo systems with speakers. Listening to music is equally important but there are some disadvantages which need to be kept in mind. Here are some downside of installing aftermarket equipment in your vehicle.

Fit and Finish

Limitations of installing aftermarket equipment

Often, the labor which would be installing the system on your car is not trained and the quality might not be good. Once, you remove the factory fitted stereo, the factory fit and finish is gone. The robotic precision at an assembly line is impossible to meet at your local audio shop. This might result in some rattling sounds inside the cabin and the cabin won’t look as fluid as before.

Risk of Theft

Limitations of installing aftermarket equipment

Installing an expensive stereo system inside your car might attract some thieves. If your area is theft-prone, you might have to find a safe location to park your car every night as the risk of theft is always lurking in urban India. Moreover, going to other places would also mean finding a good parking spot which will keep your car safe at all times. It might become irritating to do this everyday without fail just for a stereo system. One of the major downside of installing aftermarket equipment.


Limitations of installing aftermarket equipment

Installing an aftermarket stereo system along with high quality speakers and amplifiers could be a complex task as there is a lot of wiring involved. Moreover, it is being done by untrained labor and most likely, could result in some discrepancies. The more parts you add, the more stuff there is to break down. Ensure that proper quality is being maintained while the installation is happening and that the wires are not clustered. It will reduce the chances of any issues evolving.

Reduced Boot Capacity

boot with speakers

If you are planning to install a premium stereo system in your car, there are chances that you would be needing high quality speakers with amplifiers too. Arguably, the best place to install them is inside the boot. This will reduce your boot capacity to a considerable extent but on the other hand, you have the flexibility to remove them whenever you feel like as it is not a complex task.

Fiddling With Equipment

People apart from you, won’t show the equipment the same amount love and car. If chauffeurs / family members / friends use your car, you’d be foolhardy to expect them to use the equipment with the same love & care. Starting / stopping the car with the ICE on, fiddling with the settings etc. is all part of the (annoying) game.

Tip: Get a detachable faceplate so that drivers don’t give your amps a workout.

Void Warranty

Installing aftermarket equipment might mean cutting of some of the wires so that the desired equipment can be installed. If something goes wrong with the car in future, you won’t be able to claim warranty and would have to pay from your pocket. This depends on your equation with the dealership, yet there is always a possibility of the manufacturer rejecting your warranty claim.

Money Aspect

If you are planning to install a high-quality stereo system with high-quality audio, then you will have to shell out a decent amount of money. Not to forget, you will have to spend on the frequent repairs and other necessary things. A pro-audio install is going to cost you big bucks. Think, well over 6 figures. Then, you’ll have to budget for the add-on insurance cover, a security system and maintenance / repairs

Other Concerns

With untrained labor tampering with electrical equipment, there might be a risk of an electrical fire. There could be alternator issues as there is unnecessary stress on your battery and other electrical equipment. Damping, amplifiers, speakers & enclosures add undesirable weight to your car. High-end installs can run over 50 kg.

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