Electric Cars You Can Consider For Purchase in India



    Know which electric cars in India you can consider for purchase.

    electric cars to buy in india

    The electric car sales in the country is picking up at a steady pace. Although the EV sales are all-time high however it still has a long way to match the regular passenger car sales. And the major factor accountable for low sales numbers is the lack of charging infrastructure availability.

    On one hand, the state and central governments’ rebates and tax waiver schemes are encouraging buyers. While on the other, the rapid setting up of fast charging stations by the OE manufacturers solely and in association with the government has given a big thrust to the EV segment in India.

    So, if you are planning to bring home your first electric vehicle we have come up with the best available choices in the passenger EV segment. Have a look.

    All prices given are of ex-showroom, Delhi.

    Tata Tigor EV

    Tata Tigor EV CarJasoos

    Price: Rs 12.77 lakh – Rs 13.09 lakh

    The Tigor EV by Tata Motors is the first electric car coming out from the reputed homegrown car giant’s banner. Introduced in mid 2019, it was initially made available only for commercial use and carried a small 16.2kWh battery with 142km ARAI-rating range. Moreover, the upgraded Tigor EV was launched October last year with larger battery pack of 21.5kWh that claimed run of 213km on a single charge. Offered in three variants, Tata Tigor EV is now open for individual consumers.

    If you consider it for daily city use, it works best. However, frequent long highway runs may not be possible due to its small range and low acceleration power.

    Tata Tigor EV Specifications
    Battery capacity 21.5kWh
    Power 41hp
    Torque 105Nm
    Range (ARAI) 213km
    Charging Duration (AC 0-100% / DC fast charging 0-80%) 11.5 hours / 120min (claimed)


    Mahindra e-Verito

    Mahindra e-verito CarJasoos

    Price: Rs 12.94 lakh – Rs 13.20 lakh

    One of the very first electric cars in the domain, the Mahindra car is the electric avatar of the out-of-production Verito sedan. Presented in two variants namely D2 and D6 it carries an 18.55kWh battery pack with 140km of range (ARAI-rated). The car hasn’t received any upgrade since many years and looks dated. Owing to its low power output it can only be used for short runs. Despite ageing, if you are looking for a spacious cabin and practicality, and could do with scanty feature list, you can opt for e-Verito sedan.

    Mahindra e-Verito Specifications
    Battery capacity 18.55kWh
    Power 42hp
    Torque 91Nm
    Range (ARAI) 140km
    Charging Duration (AC 0-100% / DC fast charging 0-80%) 11.5 hours / 90min (claimed)


    Tata Nexon EVTata Nexon EV

    Price: Rs 13.99 lakh – Rs 15.99 lakh

    Compared to Tigor EV, Tata Nexon EV is a complete turnaround. Tata Motor’s first electric SUV boasts modern connecting features and a plethora of comfort and convenience equipment inside the cabin. Can be considered as a full-fledged alternative to a petrol car, it has adequate power to thrill and take on city surroundings with immense ease. Its big 30.2kWh battery offers real-world range of 180-220km. Within its short tenure of launch, the Nexon EV has displayed promising sales results across the country and recently attained the 2,000 unit landmark.

    Tata Nexon EV Specifications
    Battery capacity 30.2kWh
    Power 129hp
    Torque 245Nm
    Range (ARAI) 312km
    Charging Duration (AC 0-100% / DC fast charging 0-80%) 8.5 hours / 60min (claimed)


    MG ZS EV

    MG ZS EV

    Price: Rs 20.88 lakh – Rs 23.58 lakh

    The ZS EV is made available in two trims – Excite and Exclusive – and is powered by a 44.5kWh lithium-ion battery. It gets good 340km range with a single charge. The SAIC-owned MG Motors has installed 50kW DC fast chargers at some of its dealerships. It can charge 0-80% in less than 50 minutes. Already packed with a 44.5kWh battery pack, the company plans to introduce a more powerful battery for the ZS EV in near future.

    MG ZS EV Specifications
    Battery capacity 44.5kWh
    Power 143hp
    Torque 353Nm
    Range (ARAI) 340km
    Charging Duration (AC 0-100% / DC fast charging 0-80%) 16-18 hours / 50min (claimed)


    Hyundai Kona Electric

    Hyundai Kona Electric

    Price:  Rs 23.76 lakh – Rs 23.95 lakh

    Launched in July 2019 the Kona Electric SUV is the electric version of the popular Kona compact SUV sold globally by the Korean carmaker. Brought to India as CKD, Kona EV comes with a powerful motor and long-running range of 452km (ARAI-rated). Made available with Hyundai’s variable ‘Wonder Warranty’ pack it takes only 60-min to charge from 0-80% with DC charger.

    Hyundai Kona Electric Specifications
    Battery capacity 39.2kWh
    Power 136hp
    Torque 395Nm
    Range (ARAI) 452km
    Charging Duration (AC 0-100% / DC fast charging 0-80%) 19 hours / 60min (claimed)



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