Ford Limiting Operations in India But Mustang Mach-E India Launch Confirmed

Mustang Mach-E | Ford Media Center

The Mustang Mach-E was first reported to come to India by auto giant Ford in the year 2019. Now that Ford India has stopped local production, it has also confirmed that it will launch the Mach-E here.

In announcing the electric crossover’s launch, the company backed up its claim that it would only carry on operations in India through imported high-end vehicles. Mach-E will also be sold alongside the much-anticipated Mustang GT relaunch, according to the American automaker.

Mach-E version of the Mustang to be launched soon:

Ford India MD Anurag Mehrotra stated that the company wants to bring differentiating products, starting with the Mustang family of products, which includes the Mustang coupe and the Mach-E, which would help them compete effectively with other manufacturers and build a sustainable, profitable business.

Mehrotra was discussing the company’s performance in the Indian market, highlighting how the brand had been more successful when it offered products that stood out rather than products that were similar.

In 2019, Mustang Motor Company launched its first electric vehicle, the Mustang Mach-E with rear or all-wheel-drive outputs ranging from a base model with 270 horsepower to an all-wheel-drive model with 487 horsepower. Depending on the configuration of the electric motor, there are also two battery packs: a 68kWh motor that can travel up to 370km and a larger 88kWh motor that can travel up to 491km. There isn’t enough information to speculate which Mach-E variant could be deployed in India.

Ford to bring electric models to the market in the future:

The company also plans to introduce additional models in India but not the Mustang. Mehrotra then continued, “The idea is to develop business cases for the future electrified, connected, always-on products from the global portfolio and bring them to India.”

Additionally, Ford’s current EV line-up includes the all-electric Mach-E, as well as its electrified F-150 Lightning pickup truck, which is popular in the U.S. market. Ford earlier this year revealed plans to develop two new EV platforms by 2030, which will serve as the foundation for a range of Ford models including commercials, pick-up trucks and SUVs. Additionally, Ford is developing a crossover sub-Mustang Mach-E powered by VW Group’s MEB platform. As of 2019, both brands jointly developed electric vehicles under a global alliance.

A smaller network will be used for sales:

Ford will probably have a much smaller sales network in comparison to most other automakers considering its business is dominated by high-end cars, and therefore, it will go for importing these premium vehicles. Furthermore, the company will have to re-engineer its business model and operations to succeed as a high-end player in our market, like the Italians. Undoubtedly, Ford is facing a challenge, but it believes it will succeed. 

“In 2015 when we launched the Mustang on the Buddh International Circuit (the F1 track), we got very good traction from our customers and the product sold out fairly quickly. Approximately 100-150 units are produced annually”, said Mehrotra. He added “There is a growing demand for high-quality, premium products, or true-blue muscle cars, as some of you call them, saturated with Ford DNA”.

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