Front Passenger Airbag Set To Be Mandatory For All Cars Sold in India

As the front passenger airbag will now be mandatory, the prices of the entry-level trims of those cars currently sold without it will slightly increase. But, it will be worth the cost as it will help in curtailing the casualty rate in case of road accidents.

front passenger airbag mandator in india

The front passenger airbag has always been an important part of the safety kit of every car. But, as a recent survey shows, Indian roads are not any safer than others in the world and this is the reason why many countries including India are making the front passenger airbag mandatory for all vehicles sold in the country.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, as per the new draft notification, declares that the Front Passenger Airbags are set to be mandatory for all cars sold in India.

Usually, the front passenger airbag was considered as luxury rather than necessity. Many safety features were made compulsory in the year of 2019. Driver seat airbag is one of the major changes that has been mandated for every passenger vehicle.

There are various budget cars in India offered with more than 6 airbags, such as Mahindra XUV300, Hyundai Creta, etc. For a long time, 6 airbags came equipped only in the luxury cars but nowadays even many of the entry-level cars are offered with 6 airbags as a safety feature. Hatchbacks such as Ford Figo and Hyundai i20 are worth mentioning as they come with maximum number of airbags in the segment.

Here’s the list of cars in India which are available without a standard front passenger airbag:

All these above-mentioned vehicles only come with a driver seat airbag. A front passenger airbag is only available in slightly higher spec variants, which is also optional.

Now, that it has been made compulsory by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, it is an amendment to the automatic industry standards (AIS). Therefore, all the manufacturers will have to follow the new declaration and eventually the prices will rise by a small margin in lower variants of these models.

Around Rs 4000 – Rs 7000 are expected to increase in the overall sale price of these, but it will worth the cost as it will be helpful in saving the life of the front passenger. As per the surveys done in India, road accidents have taken more lives than COVID-19 did in India. Therefore, the front passenger airbag will be very helpful in bringing a halt to the increased number of casualties in road accidents.

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