Hike in Electric Vehicles Sales in Gujarat Speaks the Bright Future of EV in India

Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry, as we see the hike in fuel prices, slowly and steadily customers are making a shift towards the most sustainable option.

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How much is the hike?

Electric Vehicle registrations in Gujarat have already seen an increase of 27% in just six months, compared to 2020. According to Parivahan data, the state’s registration has increased since 2017. It has increased eightfold in the last five years. In 2017, the state had only 176 electric cars, but that number has risen to 1,423 by 2021.

Areas of Gujarat seen a hike in sales

Officials stated that this increase was not limited to urban areas, but also to rural areas such as Bavla. According to the officials, Ahmedabad had registered 398 vehicles in June this year, compared with 427 vehicles in the same period in 2020. Officials from Ahmedabad RTO stated that they anticipate the number of vehicles to surpass 2020 by July.

The reason behind the high demand of EVs

Rising petrol and diesel prices will certainly increase sales in the coming months. People who live in the city and commute to nearby areas will be the ones buying electric vehicles. Also, EV drives are cheaper than drives done through petrol, diesel, and even CNG inlined vehicles.

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How many registrations were made?

According to a senior RTO officer from Gujarat, the state road transportation department started issuing green registration numbers plates for electric vehicles around two months ago. Gujarat had 1,390 electric vehicles as of June 16th. This number rose to 33 in five days.

Time taken by an electric car to charge 

Officials stated that the electric automobile’s single charge can run for around 300 km, and it takes about 60 minutes to fast charge up to 80 percent. A mid-segment vehicle can be charged at Rs 1 per mile, and for the similar run, the cost is Rs 6 for diesel, and Rs 2.5 for CNG.

Electric cars are becoming more popular due to rising fuel prices and running costs that are even lower than CNG. Sources declare that electric car registrations have been limited to Surat, Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Rural areas are yet to catch up with the trend.

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