Things To Keep in Mind While Test Driving a Car

When you plan to buy your dream car, you shortlist one or more models that perfectly match with your requirements. But to conclude which car model is best for you, it is essential that you yourself test drive the car(s) and make a final decision.

Since a test drive is the most critical process of buying a car, we have collated all the important things related to it. Read them all!

Things To Keep in Mind While Test Driving a Car

7 Steps to Follow While Test Driving a Car

  • To familiarize yourself with the automobile, go around the route advised by the salesperson once. Also, if the distance or kind of trip isn’t to your liking, request a longer or alternate route.
  • Never be afraid to ask for more; after all, it’s your hard-earned money on the line. Retrace your steps around the course, this time beginning with the steering. Spin it left and right to get a sense of how it feels, if you like it, and how much effort it takes to turn it fast.
  • Then there are the brakes. Are they too weak or too powerful? If these brakes feel overly strong at first, that’s a good thing; you’ll become used to them, and obviously, these brakes will require less effort to use.
  • Check your rear-view mirrors to determine whether you have excellent visibility. Check out how much these change.
  • Get a sense of the engine and how fast it accelerates. To determine if the automobile is speedy or not, loud or quiet, and whether the engine sounds pleasant or coarse, rev the engine to around 4000rpm.
  • Try driving at different speeds in different gears, ranging from 20kmph to 80-100kmph (within legal speed limits), and take note of cabin NVH (Noise, Vibrations, and Harshness) caused by traffic, wind, and tire noise, among other things.
  • Make use of the gearbox. Check to see if the clutch is easy to operate or if it takes a lot of effort. Also, see whether the clutch needs to be slipped in order to begin moving. A worn-out clutch might be costly in the long run. Feel the changes in gear.

Shortlist 3-4 cars to test drive

Finalize the qualities and features you definitely must have on the automobile before you decide to take a test drive based on your budget. It might be anything as simple as power steering or as non-essential as a Bluetooth music system. Use CarJasoos to find car models and variations that match these criteria. If you’re still undecided about which car to buy and will only make a choice after a test drive, shortlist no more than four automobiles. The more cars you shortlist, the more confused you’ll be when making your final selection.

Try out the variant you’re thinking of buying

Yes, you must notify the dealership that you want to test drive a specific variant rather than any other trim. When the dealership representative calls to confirm the test drive, you must demand to know which version is being sent. If you’re still not sure, double-check the following:

Transmission: Is it equipped with the type of transmission you require, such as a manual or automatic?

Engine: Does the test drive automobile have the engine you want, such as a petrol or diesel engine, a 2.4L or a 3L engine, etc.?

Features: Does it contain the features that will assist you to make a decision, such as a height-adjustable driver seat, lumbar support, and power steering, among others?

Upholstery: If the automobile is available in a variety of upholstery options, request the car with the upholstery you like, such as black or beige.

It’s crucial to have the right engine and transmission. If the dealership does not have the version you want to test drive, you can wait for the right model to be available. Or else, if there’s another dealership with the preferred test drive car available, reach out to them.

Bring your close-knit group with you for more ideas

Close-knit — Invite relatives or friends to accompany you on a test drive. They can give you inputs on how the ride is in the rear seat and give you an accurate estimate of how many people you can comfortably seat. They will also assist you in seeing things that you may otherwise overlook.

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