Hyundai to Unveil its Hydrogen Performance Car on September 7

Hyundai Hints at Upcoming Hydrogen-Powered Sports Sedan

Hyundai is planning to unveil a new generation of hydrogen-powered cars and technologies later this month, including a performance saloon honed on the track. On September 7, Hyundai will host a web event to showcase a “future vision of a sustainable hydrogen society”. Additionally, Hyundai says that during the forum, “Future electro-fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) will also be displayed as well as other innovative applications.”

What you can expect?

A sneak-peak of the hydrogen-powered Hyundai saloon testing on a race circuit has been released by the Korean brand, with the caption “Hydrogen, it’s full steam ahead”. Hyundai previously announced that it would develop motor vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells and battery-electric cars. It has not provided additional details. The car seen in the teaser looks similar to the Veloster N available in the United States, but is shorter and has a different rear window design.

Furthermore, Hyundai will unveil hydrogen products that will be used by freight carriers and public transportation companies. Hyundai’s HTWO branding will be used on the vehicles in the trailer, a sub-brand it recently established to develop its global fuel cell business.   

Despite stiff competition from Toyota, the Hyundai Motor Group has continued to invest heavily in the development of hydrogen technology, both in transport and for other applications. As part of Hyundai’s business strategy, it is developing a next-generation fuel cell system and plans to apply it to various industries other than the automotive industry. 

Hydrogen fuel cell technology has been used by Hyundai for a long time, including the ix35, Ioniq FCEV and Nexo FCV. Additionally, several Hyundai affiliate companies will showcase various hydrogen-based products at the event.

Hyundai Motor India

The Kona EV is the brand’s only alternative fuel vehicle that’s sold in India. In the future, India may introduce a mass-market electric vehicle. Hyundai, however, has not announced any plans to bring hydrogen-powered vehicles into our market any time soon.

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