Important Tips for Selling a Used Car

Let’s take a closer look at some of the important things that you should practice before selling your used car.

Cars are a lifeline for some people and it may be difficult for them to make a decision to sell it. For car enthusiasts, their car is priceless but while selling a car, it is vital that the car is in a good condition and it finds a good home. Getting the best price for your car is a task and after you’ve made a decision to sell, here are some important tips for selling a used car that you must follow.


Important tips for selling a used car

The look of the car is the first thing the potential buyer would notice and it could make or break your chances of getting a good deal. You should thoroughly wash your car with shampoo from the outside and possibly, applying some wax would help in increasing the shine of the car. Moreover, get the interior vacuum cleaned and remove all unnecessary items, such as water bottles, newspapers, wrappers, AUX and charging cables. This is one of the important tips for selling a used car and get the maximum out of the deal.


Along with the appearance, the condition of the car is extremely important. Check the minor details, such as, engine oil levels, windscreen washer fluid, AC coolant, brake fluid and rectify them if there are any shortcomings. The electrical equipment inside the car should be in proper condition as they go a long way in getting you the preferred price. The final touch would be to check the condition of the spare tyre and keep an air freshener inside the car.

Important tips for selling a used car

Also, get rid of any minor dents or scratches on the body before leaving for a test drive as it will help the car look visually appealing, which will make the customer feel that the car is well taken care of. Moreover, a potential buyer might bring a mechanic to thoroughly inspect the car, so make sure to have serviced the car at regular intervals and carry the receipts as proof. This will help in increasing the confidence of the buyer in the car.


Important tips for selling a used car

Paperwork is of utmost importance and you need to make sure that you have necessary documents like, insurance, registration and PUC. Also, finding what your car is actually worth is crucial for a quick sale. Most car owners misrepresent the condition of their car and hence quote a wrong asking price. You can also visit popular websites to find out what your car is worth. Look out for other similar cars on sale and their asking price. When you’ve got a sense of comparable sale price range, pick a price you think is fair. Set it high enough, so you have room for negotiation.


Advertising your car correctly will help you to attract the right type of customers which will help in getting the sold quickly. Images are powerful tools which could go a long way in helping. Clean the car nicely before taking pictures, click it from different angles, use a good quality camera and also snap the interior as well as the engine bay to prove legitimacy. Your ad presenting well-shot images of your car shows confidence and offers less opportunity for doubts. Make sure your Ad includes documentation photos as well, as they can improve your chances of getting shortlisted.


You should only mention the key features in the advert which the potential customers would want to know, such as, price, year of registration, odometer reading, whether or not your car has a full-service history, insurance and car colour written clearly, as opposed to the company paint names, number of owners and a list of optional extras if any. You could also post your ad on many online websites and advert as ‘Open for Negotiation’. One of the most important tips for selling a used car.

Closing the Sale

Closing the sale

Once you’ve found an appropriate buyer, it is time to close the deal. The buyer might want to go for a test drive and it is vital that you tag along to answer any questions he/she might have. Negotiate for the price you want judiciously and hand over the keys only when the amount has been transferred to your account. Also, do not disclose your bank details to everyone and beware of scams and frauds. Finally, get all the necessary paperwork signed and it is now time for someone else to enjoy your car.

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