Indian Car Brands Vs other Brands – Are We Anywhere Near The Competition?

Indian Car companies

Car Brands in India

India may have begun its venture into the automobile industry later than most other big countries of the world. But, now, it is safe to say that we have caught up with most of car brands in India and even overtook a few in terms of performance, sales and brand expansion.

Weighing the Indian car brands against their foreign counterparts, our domestic automobile manufacturing giants have caught up with their competition in recent times.

In our latest article, we are looking at some Indian brands that have impressed us in the past and other brands that are exceeding expectations in their performance on road and in sales.

Tata Motors

The first on our list is the Tata Motors Ltd of Tata Group founded way back in 1945 by JRD Tata. The company has made significant contributions to the growth of the automobile sector in India. From being a solely Indian manufacturer, Tata Motors has now gone global with its partnerships with Fiat, Marcopolo and Hyundai alongside owning internationally acclaimed brands like Land Rover and Jaguar.

In the past, Tata Motors had been in a successful partnership with Daimler-Benz for a period of 15 years between 1954 and 1969. Over the years, the brands have produced a number of models like the Sumo, Indica, Indigo, Nano, Safari, Nexon, Harrier, Punch and most recently the 2 EVs – Nexon EV and Tigor EV.

Each of these older models impressed characteristics such as dependability and reliability upon the brand’s name in India. Tata Motors produces most of the safest cars available in the country at present.

Land Rover

Founded in 1948, Land Rover is a luxury brand that gained global popularity through its Land Rover series, the brand’s flagship range of luxury SUVs. Tata Motors acquired Land Rover in 2008 thereby bringing one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers under their wings.


Jaguar is another brand with almost 100 years of history in the automobile sector. This British company used to be under Ford’s administration back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Following Ford’s failure to better Jaguar’s sales, the company along with Land Rover was sold to Tata Motors, under whose administration the brand has again come to life with a number of successful models.

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Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra is another trusted name in India since its birth in 1945. They are one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the country. The company founded by the Mahindra brother began as tractor manufacturers and then went on to build some of the iconic models the country has ever seen.

Mahindra logo

Mahindra & Mahindra own varying percentages of stakes in a number of international automotive companies such as Peugeot Motorcycles, SsangYong Motor Company, Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery, Ford, etc. Mahindra now owns a controlling stake of 51% in Ford as the result of a joint venture signed in 2019.

The other global brands under its administration include the Italian manufacturer Pininfarina and Automobili Pininfarina, a separate Mahindra subsidiary.

Hindustan Motors

hindustan motor car

Hindustan Motors remains a legend among automobile enthusiasts even though the company is not as active as its competitors.

The iconic Ambassador and Contessa models that are still seen as the symbols of the 1900s were produced by Hindustan. The Ambassador stayed in production for over 50 years till 2014 when it was discontinued.

Hindustan sold the brand name Ambassador including the trademarks to Peugeot for around 80 Crore as a part of the joint venture between the two companies.

Force Motors

Formerly known as the Bajaj Tempo Motors, Force Motors is an Indian origin manufacturer of commercial and utility vehicles. The company’s brands Matador, Minidor, Traveller and Tempo are popular and trusted names in the country.

Force Motors has partnered with a lot of international brands like VW, Bosch, Daimler, ZF, etc. Force has recently launched Gurkha, a compact SUV in its fourth generation.

You might all be wondering why Maruti, a major brand is not here in our list of Indian brands. But Maruti is now owned by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki and is technically not an Indian brand.

But, Maruti Suzuki still constitutes almost half the shares (44.2% as on February 2022) of the Indian passenger car market.

Maruti Udyog Limited was founded in 1981 by the Government of India with Suzuki Motor Corporation as a minor partner even then. This joint venture went on to become the biggest automobile manufacturer of the country. Maruti became a household name with its affordable yet reliable vehicles.

Indian Car Brands vs Foreign Brands

luxury car brand

Foreign car brands that are currently performing well in the Indian market include,

  • VW
  • Kia
  • MG Motors
  • Hyundai
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Renault
  • Skoda
  • Audi
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW
  • Nissan
  • Lexus
  • Porsche

It is clear to say the options are wide and varied when it comes to foreign brands and models. We may fall short in the number of brands that manufacture cars but our home brands assuredly make up for it in the quality, safety and variety of models offered. The domestic brands also offer models that are affordable to the Indian mass and cater specifically to their needs taking into consideration the native Indian terrain.

Let us look at an approximate price range of the vehicles from these brands. These are just broad price ranges and not exact amounts.

Indian Brands Price Range Foreign Brands Price Range
Tata Motors 5.5 Lakh – 24 Lakh Kia 7 Lakh – 65 Lakh
Mahindra & Mahindra 6 Lakh – 32 Lakh MG Motors 5 Lakh – 23 Lakh
Force Motors 15 Lakh VW 6 Lakh – 33 Lakh
*Maruti Suzuki 3 Lakh – 15 Lakh Hyundai 5 Lakh – 24 Lakh






Honda 6 Lakh – 19.5 Lakh
Toyota 6.5 Lakh – 90 Lakh
Renault 5 Lakh – 11 Lakh

This is the reason despite so many great models from these many foreign brands that Car brands in India like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra and even Maruti Suzuki still dominate the domestic market.

Another reason is the ease of service, availability of products and the trust these brands have built over time.

Their success is not seen just within the borders of our country. Indian brands like Tata Motors and Mahindra have gone on to acquire globally recognised brands and turn them around with their exceptional leadership and management.

So, how do you think our Indian brands fare against the foreign car makers? Are we measuring up or exceeding expectations from your point of view? Let us know in the comments section.

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