India’s Fastest New Electric Hypercar Vazirani Ekonk Unveiled

On 25th October, Vazirani Automotive Ltd has unveiled Ekonk electric hypercar. The car exhibits its fluid body, futuristic aesthetics and claims of being the lightest car ever made in the world. The single-seater electric hypercar weighs just 738 kgs with its fully carbon fibre body and will be the fastest electric car in India.

Ekonk is only their second model and the company is very confident of its performance and ability to put India on the global map of extreme vehicles. Vazirani said the technology from Ekonk will influence the production of their firstborn, Shul, which is entering production. Shul will be a limited edition, as will be Ekonk.

Chunky Vazirani, on Ekonk, said, “In Indian scriptures, Ekonk signifies the beginning of the divine light – the Big Bang. For us, Ekonk signifies our real beginning, where, for the first time, design and innovation come together. It’s our first vehicle that’s alive.


The breathtaking aerodynamic design of Ekonk’s body and covered rear wheels assist in lowering the drag coefficients much more than other vehicles of its kind. The heavy roof and windshields are also removed making the car lighter in weight. Ekonk has got a sharp nose to efficiently cut through the air and uniquely designed full-width headlamps. The open rear design is nothing but dramatic with 5 full-width LED light bars.


The Vazirani Ekonk’s two electric motors produce a combined output of 712bhp and each of the motors rev to 11,000rpm. It is close to hitting the golden 1:1 power-weight ratio. To keep the driving experience as pure as possible without any driver aids, the electric motors and wheels have a direct and pure connection.


Without any driver aids, Ekonk recorded an amazing 2.54 sec 0-100 kmph acceleration at the NATRAX facility, Indore. Its top speed is 309 kmph as per the Indian automaker’s announcements.

DiCo System

Ekonk’s most distinguishing feature is its new cooling technology. DiCo is the most important reason for the car’s feather weight. EVs usually produce high heat and thus, necessitate an extensive cooling system that contributes to the major heft of the vehicle. The regular cooling systems are complex and unsustainable and based on liquid cooling technology.

DiCO eliminates the heavy piping needed for battery cooling that takes about 600-700 kg in weight itself. The innovative air-cooling technology thus reduced an insane amount of weight from the electric vehicle.

Limited production of Ekonk will begin after Shul’s launch into the market. Shul will also be seen incorporating Ekonk’s technology during its production. Let’s see if Ekonk or Shul pushes India ahead in the EV industry with a ‘big bang.’

About Vazirani Automotive Ltd

Vazirani Automotive founded in 2015 by Chunky Vazirani, a former employee of Jaguar and Rolls Royce, caught the world’s attention 3 years back. In 2018, the Indian startup unveiled its first concept, The Shul Inspire GT at the Goodwill Festival of Speed in the United Kingdom.

At that time, Vazirani commented, “We feel our solution is optimal when it comes to design complexity and weight. And it’s so simple that anybody could build battery packs in their garage with this technology. We call this ‘Ekonk’ technology, which we will reveal more details in the coming months.

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