Procedures For Investigating a Motor Vehicle Accident

Procedures For Investigating a Motor Vehicle Accident

A speeding automobile collides with a motorbike. This happens while travelling over a bridge linking two locations with separate police jurisdictions. The driver collapses and sustains serious injuries. The processes involved in investigating an automobile accident are as follows:

  • Information is provided by an unknown individual over the phone.
  • The police may record the message in the general journal.
  • The police will undertake a preliminary investigation.
  • The vague telephone communication cannot be used to fill out the FIR.
  • If the information has been confirmed either in a written statement from the sender or a written and signed complaint from the informant has been obtained then, an FIR can be launched based on the information.
  • If the first informant, who provided the information over the phone, is unknown, the victim’s complaint might be used as the basis for the first information report.

Duty of an investigating officer at the site of a crime:

  • As soon as a police officer arrives at the scene of a crime, he must:
    • Arrange for the removal of any wounded persons to the nearest hospital.
    • And if the accident is deadly, the corpse should be sent to the nearest morgue as soon as possible.
  • The car should not obstruct traffic movement. The relative locations of the vehicles should be indicated, and the vehicles should be moved to a convenient location along the side of the road, allowing free flow of traffic.
  • The car involved in the collision must be inspected by the motor vehicle inspector. According to Section 136 of the Motor Vehicles Act, he is authorised to do so.
  • Witnesses to the incident must be kept until traffic investigation staff arrive, and if this is not possible, the officer on the scene must take down their names and addresses.

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