Is Buying An Extended Car Warranty Good or Bad?

Is Buying An Extended Car Warranty Good or Bad

Buying a car is a dream come true for a few people. When you buy a car make sure you spend a little more penny on it. The offer of choosing between an accessory kit or zero-dep insurance insists to choose for everything you can. They also offer a package that covers your car once you are done, with the coverage period. But, now we are here to tell you if the extended warranty on a car is worth it! Let’s roll with discussing the pros and cons.

Let us know about the Pros of buying an extended warranty

  1. Keeps your penny away on frequent repairs

When you get your new car delivered by the showroom, you wouldn’t expect a major breakdown or failure right? But considering the recent times, we have come across situations where customers have faced issues in the cars right after their warranty tenure was over, which led them to pay a hefty amount. They wouldn’t have paid if their cars were under warranty.

  1. Can let you hold the car

The major advantage of this package is that it can help you hold your vehicle for a long time. To the number of car service providers, this offers you a cost-saving option. Also, if you wish to sell your car in a short span then, the included warranty helps you to bid more.

  1. Resilient packages

It’s 2022, and cars have got the latest technologies embedded, which you might not be aware of. In today’s automobile era, extended warranty plans are flexible, and you choose what you want to be covered. But yes, certain things are insured by default where you can choose from the add-on options provided by the manufacturer.

  1. Save paper! No additional paperwork

To dig in, there are two types of extended warranties available in the market you must know. One is by your car brand itself, and the other comes with third-party vendors. If you have a strong opinion on buying an extended warranty for your car, then possibly prefer buying it from the manufacturer/brand. It is due to getting a better assurance of the product without the tension of extra paperwork. It is flexible enough, and the dealer will take care of the paperwork, and you wouldn’t be facing any difficulty while filing a claim.

Coming to a third party might be cheap but can shoot you in trouble at times. The strongly suggested one is to go with the brand.

Let us know about the Cons of buying an extended warranty

  1. Expensive cost

Purchasing an extended warranty can cost you a significant amount. It seems to look like an insurance premium but costs you more than that. We agree that the brand or the third party covers expensive components under this warranty, but you need to check about the fact if you actually need it. Choosing for it is a good option but considering your financial matters is a must.

  1. If you are required to keep your car for long

If you are purchasing an extended warranty, make sure it is covered till it is running. It is true that the longer you get it covered, the longer you want to keep it right? If you are one of those people who do not choose to drive and maintain cars for a long time, then the extended warranty is not your thing for sure.

  1. Make sure about the package

We suggest you read everything very carefully before you sign the car’s extended warranty. Since it is because not everything, you think will be covered under the warranty terms. Re-check the documents as carmakers tend to exclude a few major repair works from the clause. Don’t end up paying both repair and warranty.

  1. You may not use it all

When you buy a new car, you are there because you trust their technology and the brand value in the automobile era. Hence, most of us don’t expect repairs in our car while it is new. In most cases, major failures or breakdowns occur if the car is used without utmost care. You can think and decide if you will require an extended warranty. To this, make sure you check the vehicle’s market history and reviews.


It is all about the extended warranty on a car. We hope we have cleared your doubts regarding the extended warranty on cars. Along with providing the pros and cons. Now it’s your time and decision to know to want to go for an extended warranty or not. To buy a new car at the best price, feel free to contact CarJasoos.

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