Is it Good to Get CNG Kit Installed From Aftermarket Vendors?

Several aftermarket vendors offer retro fitment of CNG kits, but is it safe? And what kind of impact does it have on the life of your engine? Let us find out. 

aftermarket cng vendors

CNG cars are now hugely popular today. Considering the expanding fuel costs, we have noticed a change in customer behavior. CNG cars doing well in the market because of the fantastic efficiency they provide. CNG automobiles are fuel-efficient and are also very reasonably priced.

In this article, we will put the company-fitted CNG contrary to the aftermarket CNG fitment and discuss the positives and negatives of an aftermarket CNG kit.

Highlights of the article:

  • What is an Aftermarket CNG Kit?
  • How many types of CNG Kits are available?
  • Why you must be careful with Aftermarket CNG Kits?
  • Tips for the installation of the CNG kit from aftermarket vendors
  • Factory-Fitted CNG Kit
  • Cars available in India with CNG fuel type option

What is Aftermarket CNG Kit?

is it good to get cng kit installed from aftermarket vendors

Aftermarket CNG kits are made in bulk and stated to be adaptable with each car. However, this is not always true, appropriate pruning and calibration are assumed to be put for the appropriate operation of the motor. An improper system may damage your engine components and can be a costly fix. Various engines utilize different ECU and gas injection apparatus which cannot be monetized with the same kit fitment.

There are two types of Aftermarket CNG kits offered in the market – (1) Venturi CNG and (2) Sequential CNG.

Venturi CNG Kit

  • The Venturi CNG kit is a mixing unit that provides a quantity of gas to the car’s engine.
  • Venturi kits are far more affordable and easier to set up in cars compared to other fittings.
  • These kits provide a predetermined quantity of gas to the engine’s intake manifold depending on the input in the throttle.
  • Venturi CNG kits are easily installed into almost any automobile, fuel-injected, or carburetor driven. It may also be installed without using an ECU or Electronic Control Unit.

Sequential CNG Kit 

  • Sequential CNG kits have been regarded as the better choice when it comes to automobile installation as they control the gas flow through the injectors fitted along with the gas injectors from the manifold.
  • There is also another ECU for your CNG kit that controls and tracks the quantity of gas pushed to the motor.
  • While Sequential CNG kits would be the better choice, they could simply be installed to digital gas injection-supported vehicles.

Why you must be careful with Aftermarket CNG Kits?

7 things you should know before you buy CNG Kits from an unauthorized aftermarket vendor.

  • In June 2016, the Delhi government prohibited the registration of vehicles retrofitted with CNG kits.
  • The ban has been revoked in September that year, however, the apprehensions on the other side of the movement persist.
  • Many of those kits might not be exactly what they claim to be.
  • Much more importantly, the institutions offering conversions might not be authorized to do so.
  • According to a recent newspaper report, which concentrated on the menace of prohibited CNG kits in Delhi, just 41 installations are authorized to tackle CNG fitment from the capital, but reluctantly, more than 2,000 setups are offering this very service.
  • You must remember that using a bogus CNG kit leads to significant performance reduction in fuel-injected engines.
  • Several carmakers do not honor the warranty if a car was retrofitted with a CNG Kit with a third party.

Follow these tips while installing an aftermarket CNG kit

is aftermarket cng kit good

  • Select a kit installer that is approved by the government or RTO authorities. Always decide on a reputed CNG kit manufacturer.
  • Spending a couple of thousands more on a recognized fitment center will be good for your vehicle worth far more than just a few lakhs.
  • Make certain that the CNG tank has been set up properly and the pipe to the gas is drilled professionally.
  • Prevent any damages to your carpeting or wheel protection by insisting the setup is completed in your existence.
  • Make sure that the installation technician does not harm the throttle body detector.
  • The CNG tank must be serviced every 6 (SIX) months and must be licensed after every 3 years.

Factory Fitted CNG kits

Factory-fitted cng kits

Manufacturers such as Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki provide a few of their models with factory-fitted CNG kits. Maruti offers plenty of cars such as S-Presso, Alto, Wagon R, Ertiga, and Celerio with pre-installed kits. Considering that these automobiles are produced using company manufactured kits, the performance of these cars remains constant and seamless.

The suspension, engine tuning, and the rest of the mechanical modifications are already done until the vehicle is rolled from the manufacturing line. You can distinguish between an aftermarket kit along a factory kit. Normally, in case of the latter, the CNG is filled from where the petrol is filled. Nonetheless, in the aftermarket one, you need to fill it by opening the bonnet.

One drawback is the fact that it includes a relatively smaller cylinder and so supplies a reduced driving range. The costs of the kits are almost the same, so that is one point where the two of them possess a tie. One must certainly opt for company fitted kits while considering a new car.

Cars available in India with CNG fuel type option

Below-mentioned are the CNG cars with their variants price currently offered in India:

Maruti Suzuki Alto  

Maruti Alto best CNG car

  • LXI S-CNG (Base Model) – Rs 4.56 Lakh
  • LXI Opt S-CNG (Top Model) – Rs 4.60 Lakh

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 

Maruti Wagon R best CNG car india

  • LXI CNG (Base Model) – Rs 5.60 Lakh
  • LXI Opt CNG (Top Model) – Rs 5.67 Lakh 

Hyundai Santro 

Hyundai Santro best CNG car

  • Magna CNG (Base Model) – Rs 5.92 Lakh
  • Sportz CNG (Top Model) – Rs 6.06 Lakh

Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Maruti Eeco CNG cars India 

  • CNG 5-Seater AC (Base Model) – Rs 5.29 Lakh 

Maruti Suzuki Celerio 

Maruti Suzuki Celerio top CNG cars in India

  • VXI CNG (Base Model) – Rs 5.85 Lakh 

Hyundai Aura

Hyundai Aura cng price 

  • S CNG (Base Model) – Rs 7.56 Lakh 

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios CNG prices 

  • Magna CNG (Base Model) – Rs 6.84 Lakh 

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Maruti Ertiga best CNG car in india

  • VXI CNG (Base Model) – Rs 9.36 Lakh 

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso 

Maruti S-Presso top CNG car in India

  • LXI CNG (Base Model) – Rs 4.96 Lakh
  • LXI Opt CNG – Rs 5.02 Lakh
  • VXI CNG – Rs 5.73 Lakh
  • VXI Opt CNG (Top Model) – Rs 5.26 Lakh

Note – All the prices mentioned above are ex-showroom, Delhi prices. 

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aftermarket CNG cars

Whether you opt for a CNG kit fitted car offered by the car manufacturer itself or, if you install a CNG kit from an aftermarket vendor, it is completely your own call, but it is proven that OEM supplied CNG cars way more safer and better than the cars installed with aftermarket CNG kits. Maruti Suzuki, which is one of the most reliable factory fitted CNG car brand calls its CNG-powered vehicles S-CNG or Smart-CNG and asserts that their new CNG kits allow vehicles to run smoother.

On the flip side, if you decide on a Sequential CNG kit from an aftermarket vendor, all you must have is a car that accompanies an Electronically Controlled Injection system. The S-CNG and Sequential CNG kit will conduct the same and provide the vehicle a decent performance, provided they are both from precisely the same brand which is hard to get. Regrettably, installing an aftermarket CNG kit from your car will immediately void the warranty from the manufacturer.

So, to answer the question – Is it good to get the CNG kit installed from aftermarket vendors? 

Answer – It is good only if you are ok with losing the car warranty for your new car and if you are willing to risk the car warranty, the aftermarket vendor should better be the authorized one. Otherwise, as per our experts, it is better to purchase a company-fitted CNG car to avoid any kind of future inconvenience.

Read  to know about benefits on warranty and extended warranty.

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