Is it Possible to Boost Profitability of Your Service by Leveraging Digital Customer Journeys?


How a digital customer journey will boost your Service profitability

Nowadays, having your car serviced has become considerably more efficient.

Online bookings have been made frictionless, progress updates have been given each day, and customers have unfiltered access to service representatives.

This might sound like a significant implementation task, but thanks to advanced dealership digital platforms like Car Jasoos, digital service customer journeys are more accessible than ever.

Additionally, they’ll ensure your service centre runs efficiently and profitably. Here’s how.

Customer Satisfaction = Repeat Business

Keeping an existing customer is far more cost-effective than finding a new one. This means that the better the customer service process, the greater likelihood you will have of retaining the client for life (CLV).

Transparent digital customer experiences will increase customer satisfaction levels immeasurably. This is due to three factors:

Engaging, simple online booking

The world of online ordering has transformed the way we live, from ordering an evening meal to shopping for the week. Why shouldn’t the same be true for vehicle servicing? The moment you give customers the option to choose and combine their service packages and choose pick-up and drop-off dates from your site, you have their attention.

Fixed-time, fixed-price servicing

The ability to sustain truly competitive service pricing and reliable servicing times on a lean platform is an advantage that is very hard to get, but one that can be achieved if you make your organization very lean.

Never miss a service update with notifications

The repair progress of customers can now be monitored via digital and social media, including photographs and videos shared by service technicians. If parts are required, digital interaction also enables them to confirm the purchase.

The process of implementing a customer-first vehicle maintenance operation has never been easier or more convenient for anyone involved. In addition, modern car buyers expect this level of digital interaction, and dealers who fail to provide it are likely to fall behind.

Resource optimisation

To sum up, how do you create a lean servicing operation that delivers fixed-price services on time and reduces costs simultaneously?

You will have the ability to plan resources more efficiently with the help of a digital, paperless workshop. As a result, the service department will be much more productive and efficient and won’t be so draining on the dealership’s resources.

Imagine a service centre where work orders and spare parts orders are created automatically and received from OEMs and suppliers with ease.

It is time for car service providers to implement a digital presence that puts more control into the hands of customers. Having evenly distributed service centre work and smaller staff handling incoming calls will result in higher profit margins.

It’s a similar story with manufacturer relations. Thanks to the direct OEM interfaces offered by few platforms, service centres can reduce the costs associated with sourcing parts and streamlining warehouse management.

Final thoughts

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One of the elements of any car dealership that strives to be responsive, lean, and capable of providing supreme customer satisfaction in the automotive industry is after-sales and service.

Implementing a digital customer journey for service bookings is a priority and a necessity of the hour.

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