Is it Worth Buying a Car With a Sunroof in India? Let’s Find Out!

should you buy a car with sunroof in india

Recent years have seen so many new and exciting comfort and convenience features introduced in the cars in the mainstream segments. Some of them are extremely useful while others do not equal the hype they receive. One of the commonly desired features in cars is the sunroof. Its popularity has only increased over the years. Buyers are paying almost one lakh rupees more in the price for a feature that is not really that convenient in the climatic conditions of our country.

Initially, the models that offered a sunroof or a moonroof were limited to Chevy, Hyundai and a few Honda models. But these days, the option of the sunroof in cars has become very common. You can get them as accessories on models like Tata Tiago, Honda Jazz, Hyundai i20, etc. while they are also offered as a factory-fitted option for certain variants of some models.

In the European and American markets where the sunroof feature was initially introduced, the climatic conditions were such that the passengers wouldn’t get that much sun. So the sunroof lets in some light in the cabin and made the driving a better experience by opening up. The fresh air from the open roof does not invite complaints in the right climate as well. It dissipates any stale air in the cabin or too much heat from the car being parked directly under the sun.

Well, it is also not hard on the eyes on photographs and an excellent experience when it is used on long drives. But if you are talking about using it on a regular basis, it definitely misses its mark in the Indian cities. We have extreme climates and temperatures spread throughout the country, be it the sun, rain or the cold. And as for the air quality, most major Indian cities suffer from hazardous pollution reducing the practical use of the sunroof regularly.

Difficulties with a Sunroof

  • If your major routes of travel include the city roads, then the dirt and pollution from the open will dirty the inside of the cabin.
  • You will have to face the blithe spitters from the high-set buses.
  • Forgetting to close the sunroof can become a problem. But you do have reminder noises when you do that. Otherwise, it could turn into a real attraction for theft and other offenders.
  • The next complication would be the maintenance of a sunroof. Big leaves, flowers and small branches or twigs shed from trees could get stuck in the retraction mechanism and lead to trouble.
  • The rubber lines need to be cleaned or else these choked gutters will stall the sunroof and fail the motor finally. To check, you can pour some water around the sunroof channels and check for drains near the front door hinge or from the rear of the car. If it doesn’t then you should definitely get it cleaned at an authorised service centre where they will check the winding motor as well to make sure it opens and closes smoothly.

A Rundown on the Pros and Cons of the Sunroof


  • Improved Cell Phone reception since glass does not interfere with cell signals.
  • Open Roof Gazing
  • Aesthetics
  • Increase in the Sense of Space
  • Reduces the cabin temperature


  • Reduced Space as the operable roof takes space for its electric mechanism.
  • Increases the weight of the vehicle
  • Expensive
  • Inconvenient when the climate does not cooperate and needs extra attention on its maintenance.

Final Verdict

Apart from the aesthetics, the sunroof does not really serve a practical purpose. From the advantages listed above, we can surely say that they add a pleasing luxury factor to the car. However, their absence does not affect the car in any practical way. Unless you are set on buying a car with a sunroof, moonroof or a panoramic sunroof just for the sake of it or for the luxury you acquire with it, this feature is not a deal-breaker for your purchase at all. One last thing to sum this up will be that if wanderlust is in your character or kids are there in your family who want to enjoy the breeze, then the sunroof feature is something you can consider to double the happiness around you!

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