All Important Details About Jaguar I-Pace You Must Know

Let’s look at some of the important details about the Jaguar I-Pace and understand if it is worth the money or not.

Jaguar I-Pace

Electric cars are taking the automotive world by storm and compelling people to ponder about the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle. The low running cost when compared to other fuel options is an attractive attribute but the range from a full charge and the lack of charging stations might be worrisome. Owning an electric vehicle will give you that sense of pride but considering other factors, that sense of pride should not come at the cost of peace.

Fun to Drive

Jaguar I-Pace Side

The I-Pace comes with two powerful electric motors when combined, they produce 400 bhp of power and 696 Nm of torque. The motor is mated to a single speed automatic and supplies power to the wheels. The I-Pace takes 4.88s for 0-100 kmph dash. This is some brisk performance for a heavy SUV (2.2 tonnes) and to handle this brisk performance, Jaguar has equipped the I-Pace with an effecient steering. The feel and feedback from the steering is immense and it weighs up nicely while building up speed.

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Active Sound Design

Jaguar I-Pace Front

Being an electric car, it is completely silent and some people might not like the eerily quite cabin at all times. While a quite cabin is essential for a calm drive, some exhaust note is a must for keen drivers. Jaguar has equipped the I-Pace with a synthesized sound in the form of engine notes. There are three engine notes to choose from, Calm, Normal and Dynamic. Even with the dynamic engine note, the sound isn’t as loud or throaty as you’d expect but something is better than nothing.

Air Suspension

An SUV which costs over Rs 1 Crore should ride like a dream and Jaguar has made sure of that. The I-Pace comes with air suspension which helps in increasing the ground clearance from 174-230 mm. Complementing the air suspension are the 19-inch alloys with larger side walls to aid the ride for our bumpy roads. This makes the ride on the I-Pace very absorbent and plush. It rounds up the bumps and potholes exceptionally well and ensures minimum cabin intrusion.


Jaguar I-Pace Interior

Adhering to the future by going electric, Jaguar has fitted the I-Pace with three different screens inside the cabin. The cabin looks futuristic and has a modern appeal to it. The talking points are the three screens, the main screen being a 10-inch touchscreen which oozes with information. It is legible and is fairly quick but could be sluggish at times.

There is a second screen just under the main screen which houses the climate controls. It is a 5.5-inch screen with the addition of rotary knobs which work well.

Last but not the least, the screen for the instrument cluster which is the biggest at 12.3 inches. It shows every information related to the car whenever you need it and with the presence of three screens in a single cabin, it must be a lot to absorb for some people. Nevertheless, Jaguar has kept the futuristic appeal in the cabin alive.

Clear Sight Mirror

Staying true to the futuristic theme, the I-Pace gets a clear sight mirror. This high-tech gizmo helps in switching from a standard inside rear view mirror to a digital one. It is quite useful particularly in the I-Pace because the visibility from the rear glass is not impressive and this feature helps in getting a clear view of the road at the back and works really well too. The I-Pace also comes with a 360-degree reverse parking camera which makes it easier to park the car in tight spaces.

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