Lamborghini Huracan STO – The Baby Bull All Grown Up

Now sitting at the top of the Huracan range, the STO is in every sense of the word – a race car homologated for the road ensuring its ‘dialed up to a 11’ status.

Over the past few years, Lamborghini has managed to change its image from creating supercars that turn heads, to creating & perfecting track-ready machines with the sole objective of shaving off lap times. They achieved this feat with the radical ‘Huracan Performante’ and succeeded it further with its big brother, the ‘Aventador SVJ’ by lapping the Nürburgring Nordschleife to achieve the lap record for a production car. The ‘Huracan’ though has seen quite the transformation over the years since its debut back in 2014 and this latest ‘STO’ proves that there was yet another significant upgrade hidden under Lamborghini’s sleeves.

What is it?

In all, it’s track glory – Huracan STO

The name ‘STO’ basically means Super Trofeo Omologato or the ‘Super Trofeo Evo’ GT3 race car homologated for everyday use. This marks a new change in direction for Lamborghini who aims to cater the ‘STO’ to true blue-blooded track driving enthusiasts and compete with rivals such as the “Mercedes AMG GTR Pro” and the “Mclaren 765LT”. Unlike its ‘Performante’ counterpart, the ‘STO’ ditches the infamous ‘ALA’ system and AWD for a more traditional RWD set-up with extensive changes in the bodywork to manage the airflow.

Track-Focused Exterior

Racecar for the road – Huracan STO

This is where the changes made on the ‘STO’ are extensive as it definitely looks like a ‘Huracan’ that’s about to go ham on a race track. With a dry kerb weight of 1399 Kg, the ‘STO’ is a full 83kg lighter than the standard AWD ‘Huracan Evo’ and 43kg lighter than a ‘Performante’. 75% of its body panels are now made of carbon fibre, except for the roof and the doors with the option of choosing more carbon-fibre components to further reduce the weight. Upfront, the most significant highlight in the bodywork would be the ‘Cofango’ – which is a mix of two Italian words meaning the ‘bonnet’ and ‘fenders’. To put it simply, the whole front section is a single carbon-fibre panel to reduce weight and complexity which folds open forward like a giant clamshell in a nod to the ‘Miura’.

In this single-piece bonnet are ducts that guide the air into an extended front splitter, reducing frontal lift and reducing turbulence in the wheel arches. Moving towards the rear-end reveals newly resculpted rear haunches which also feature fins to guide air into the intakes & a huge dorsal fin running down the STO’s ‘spine’ allowing for better body roll and stability. Completing the entire package is the massive rear-wing that doesn’t use the ALA active aero flaps like the Performante and instead offers 3 fixed levels that have to be manually adjusted; just like a race car. All these changes translate to a 37% increase in aero efficiency than the ‘Performante’ and the ability to generate 420kg of downforce at speeds of 280kmph.

Ginormous adjustable rear wing- Huracan STO

Extensive Bodywork changes & dorsal fin – Huracan STO

Drivetrain & Performance

The ‘Cofango’ clamshell bonnet – Huracan STO

Now, because it is a ‘Huracan’ at the end of the day, it has the same 5.2-liter N/A V10 with 640 hp which is the exact same as its ‘Performante’ counterpart. What is different though is the torque figure which has come down to 565 Nm from the usual 600 Nm due to the car being solely RWD like the race car it’s based on. Continuing with the race car philosophy, its drive modes have been recalibrated, thanks to an updated version of the “LDVI” system and the ‘Anima’ system has new modes such as ‘STO’ for street driving, ‘Trofeo’ for maximum grip to tackle lap times and ‘Pioggia’ for wet laps. Its 0-100kmph time is 3 sec and its top speed is 310 kmph. The car’s main purpose is to attack the track and the corners with the best possible performance.

The evergreen 5.2 liter N/A V10 engine packing 640 horses- Huracan STO

Price & Verdict

Updated Drive Modes & track-focused cabin – Huracan STO

Since the ‘Huracan’ EVO now offers prospective buyers the same level of performance and capability as the ‘Performante’ did, the ‘STO’ is the new top dog in the ‘Huracan’ line-up starting at Rs 4.99 crore in India and serves as a reminder that it’s definitely not aimed at the everyday weekend getaway supercar owner but to the ones who wear their ‘big boy pants’ and decide to pick the adrenaline-filled plunge into art of driving on the track.

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