Lamborghini Urus – Big, Bold & Outrageous

This new 4-door, practical super-SUV promises to turn heads, showcase bombastic performance and carry 5 comfortably, all whilst being a ‘Lambo’ at its core.

No one could’ve imagined; A “Lamborghini” SUV for the masses. Although, this isn’t the ‘Sant’Agata’ based company’s first rodeo ride to come up with an SUV. That honor is reserved for the gargantuan “LM-002” which was supposed to be a substitute for the “Humvee” used by the American Army. Times surely have changed since then because modern-day “Lamborghini” is owned by “Audi” and to survive in today’s automotive space, it needs to sell as many units as it can. The answer then comes in the form of the “Urus” of course.


Well, being a “Lamborghini SUV” means it has to look absolutely bonkers and majestic at the same time which the “Urus” succeeds in spades. With too many angles and cuts to keep count, the “Urus” is unlike any other SUV your eyes will gaze upon thanks to its ‘Y-shaped’ theme motifs found pretty much everywhere; right from the headlight DRLs, the front bumper grille, the doors, the rear tail lamp cluster and even the wheels which are a massive 22-inches. These can also be taken up to 23s as well and even though it’s a traditional SUV with 4-doors, it’s definitely shaped like a coupe, thanks to a sharp tapered roofline and a short haunched rear-end with a tiny roof-wing on top finishing the rather extreme look.


By far the biggest talking point of the ‘Urus’ as this is the 1st-ever practical lambo; the interior is just as dramatic as the exterior and it’s executed really well. It feels like a gigantic battleship rather than a fighter jet-esque cockpit that you would find in a “Huracan” or the “Aventador”. Although, it’s definitely got some aviation-themed graphics and themes laid out across the dashboard; especially with the wide central console housing a number of toggle switches and levers, the dual-touchscreen infotainment and HVAC control unit which is borrowed from the Audi A8. Now, as expected of a ‘Lamborghini’ it’s definitely dramatic with the way the ‘Anima’ or the drive-mode select is controlled via the ‘Tamburo’ lever which basically mimics a thrust lever found on a powerboat. 

This entire set-up definitely takes some time getting used to, especially with the way ‘Neutral’, ‘Reverse’ and ‘Park’ are executed via a combination of lever-pulls and button-presses, along with the usage of the dual-touchscreen infotainment system which has no physical buttons or dials of any sort. Coming to the most important aspect which are the back-seats; they are immensely spacious and comfortable which can seat 5 passengers with relative ease. The only downside would be the sharp-angled roofline which impedes some of the headroom for taller passengers. The boot on the other hand is a different story since its 616-litres capacity is more than enough to gobble up luggage meant for 5 with relative ease.

Powertrain & Performance

“Lamborghini” ever since its inception has never strayed away from being powered by a traditional N/A V12 or V10 engine. That all changes though with the “Urus” thanks to it being powered by a “Volkswagen-Audi” derived 4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 putting out 650hp and a tremendous 850Nm of torque. Despite not sounding like a traditional ‘lambo’, the ‘Urus’ more than makes up for it with its sheer performance, allowing it to rocket from 0-100kph in just 3.5 seconds and reaching a top speed of 305 kph, making one of the world’s fastest SUVs despite weighing in at a mammoth 2200 kg.

AWD paired with all-wheel steering and an 8-speed automatic transmission plays a key role in its overall handling as well, allowing it to beat the laws of physics itself when thrown around corners. The performance also can be configured thanks to the choice of 6 driving modes namely ‘Strada’, ‘Sport’, ‘Corsa’, ‘Neve’(snow), ‘Terra’(off-road) and ‘Sabbia’ (sand) making it one of the most versatile, comfortable and sporty SUVs which theoretically could be taken anywhere.

Price & Verdict

Costing Rs. 3.1 crore, the ‘Urus’ blends Italian flamboyance and flair with evergreen German common sense, practicality & sophistication with ease. Compared to its direct rivals such as the ‘Porsche Cayenne Turbo’, ‘Audi RSQ8’, and the ‘Bentley Bentayga’; the ‘Urus’ is definitely mad enough by ‘Lamborghini’ standards in terms of looks and performance, while adding the bonus of seating 5 to experience what the raging bull is all about. It sure has its fair share of Italian quirkiness and critics can say that it’s just a rebadged “Audi” in a fancy suit, but the ‘Urus’ breaks all notions & manages to solidify the fact that it’s a “Lamborghini” first.

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