Are Cars above 50 Lakh Really Worth It? Lets Compare Premium Car Features Vs Budget

Luxury Car VS Budget Car When you talk about luxury cars, you cannot avoid the hefty price tag or not drop your jaw at the futuristic tech and features they offer. We are not talking about the cars that cost around 30 or 40 lakhs, but the ones that are priced above and beyond 50 lakhs in India.

Everyone at one point or the other wonders about this one fact – Are these cars really worth that much?

How are the luxury models different from the modern budget models that come with the advanced and latest tech & drive around on a daily basis? Of course, they look cooler than most, but is it only the aesthetics and the brand name that is the reason for their price? Not really.

Apart from their excellent performance that cannot be rivalled by any normal road car, these luxury cars come with some exciting and grand features that you will not find anywhere else.

Comparing Luxury and Budget Car Features

Here, we have a list of features that are currently offered with Budget cars that were previously only offered with Premium cars. This makes you wonder what you get with the luxury models currently. We also have a list of luxury features in this article that will reveal the extent of opulence you get with luxury models.

Budget Car Features

Cameras and active safety systems

Rear parking cameras have changed the driving experience for new learners and other drivers in general. Audio alert while crossing the road in traffic is another advanced feature that has become common in even budget cars these days.

Active safety features like Front Collision Warning System, Lane Departure Warning System, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Sensors to detect traffic in close range and audio or visual prompts to alert the driver are offered in many models.

Head-up display

The head-up display presents the information on the windscreen for the driver to avoid looking away when they are driving. HUD can display speed, navigation commands, fuel levels, and safety warnings from assistance systems.

LED lights

LED headlamps came into existence in 2007 and a car with all-LED lights debuted 2 years after that. Earlier offered only in luxury cars, now these have become standard offerings.

Satellite Navigation and Online Connectivity

GPS and Bluetooth connectivity along with connected car tech to infotainment unit has become mandatory. Most of these are offered as standard and if not they are available as optional in most models.

Power Steering

Electric power steering units are the reason power steering became affordable compared to those that were used earlier in premium cars. These can be fitted on a non-power assembly easily.

Electrically Adjustable ORVMs

electrical adjustable orvm

These may not be available in all variants of a budget model. But we can get them in the high-end variants and functions to let us have clear visibility to the back of the car. Many entry-level hatchbacks come with power mirrors in India as these have become one of the popular features buyers expect as standard in any model.

Anti-lock Braking System

Anti-lock Braking System prevents the tire from locking up during urgent braking. Mercedes-Benz introduced this technology which has now become a staple in almost all cars as a favored and mandatory safety feature.


An airbag is another safety feature that used to be offered exclusively on high-end vehicles to ensure passenger safety. RTO has now made airbags mandatory in any vehicle that is manufactured in India after December 2021.

Power Windows

power windows in car

Power Windows is the technology where electric motor functions to roll the windows up or down. Manufacturers were giving out this option for the front windows alone in many hatchbacks. Although more and more mid-level variants and other base variants of slightly better budget models are available with both front and rear power windows.

Height Adjustable Seats

height adjustable car seats

The height-adjustable driver seat is a boon for the drivers as it allows them to adjust their seating position according to their preference and makes for a comfortable ride.

Adjustable Steering

adjustable steering wheel

These are other advantages made with the driver’s comfort in mind. These are also offered in more and more budget cars recently.

Some Popular Budget Models in India

Tata Nexon Kia Sonet
Tata Punch Mahindra XUV700
Mahindra Scorpio Toyota Innova Crysta

Luxury Car Features

costliest car in the world

Luxury cars are not just named so for their grand price tags. They offer opulence in the form of numerous comfort, convenience and advanced safety features. Some luxury car manufacturers treat their customers to some crazily extravagant features. Let us look at some of the uncommon features you will find only in luxury cars.

Fragrance Dispenser

Modern models from Mercedes come with their own fragrance dispensing systems and customised exclusive scents.

Overhead liners

Starliner car

Starlight headliners for the roof provide the passengers with an illusion of riding under an open sky. These liners take a lot of time to create and are offered even in luxury cars only on request.

Anti-theft system

The safety features in luxury cars are rivalled by no other. They are as advanced as they come. Rolls Royce has an anti-theft system that extends to the statue of Spirit of Ecstasy that stands on the bonnet. The statue automatically retreats below if it senses being forced out of its place.

Satellite-Aided Car Transmission

Satellite communication technology is used by some luxury cars to read the condition of the road ahead and adjust the car’s transmission as required. This is extremely handy when you are on a long trip.

Mood Lighting

mood lighting car

For a relaxed drive, lights and music will put you in the right mood and reduce the stress of the day. Brands like Bentley offer muted lighting in the interiors to suit your mood and ambience while travelling.

Massage Seats

Seat warmers have become a thing of the past for luxury segment cars. Now they come with seats that can massage! These are not just for the rear seats but also for the front passenger seats. A backrub during a long drive sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Digital Cockpit

Digital cockpit cars

Mercedes Benz offers a fully digitised cockpit in its GLS SUV that is accessed through a wide, high-resolution screen. It has all the controls you need to operate the car efficiently. And it definitely improves the look of the cabin.

Some Luxury Models above 50 Lakh Available in India

Model Ex-showroom Price
BMW 3 Series 46.90 Lakh – 65.90 Lakh
Mercedes-Benz C Class 55 Lakh – 61 Lakh
Jeep Wrangler 56.35 Lakh – 60.35 Lakh
Audi A6 59.99 Lakh – 65.99 Lakh
Mercedes-Benz GLC 62 Lakh – 68.00 Lakh
Range Rover Evoque 64.12 Lakh – 69.99 Lakh
Volvo XC60 65.90 Lakh
BMW Z4 71.90 Lakh – 84.90 Lakh
BMW X5 79.90 Lakh – 95.90 Lakh
Land Rover Defender 80.72 Lakh – 2.13 Cr
Audi Q7 82.49 Lakh – 89.90 Lakh
Range Rover Velar 86.75 Lakh – 86.81 Lakh
Volvo XC90 93.90 Lakh – 1.31 Cr
Land Rover Range Rover 2.32 Cr – 4.17 Cr
BMW X7 1.18 Cr – 1.78 Cr


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Can you compare these features?

Truthfully, there is no comparison between these features. Luxury car features are over-the-top, opulent and extravagant in their cost and necessity while the budget car features are essentially focused on function and improving the convenience while riding the car.

When you pay this kind of cash for a luxury car, you are entitled to features like these and more. In fact, to read more about some fascinating and crazy luxury features, read our article here: 10 Most Insane Car Features You Didn’t Know! Craziest Luxury Car Features That’ll Shock You!

However, when cars are priced at 50 lakh and above, it becomes more than just the brand or model of the car. Manufacturers bend over backwards to give you your money’s worth most of the time with technology and features that will astound anyone. The performance and ride quality cannot be compared to a normal budget car under any circumstance. So if a really expensive car has proved its worth on the road and offers luxury alongside, we say it is totally worth it.

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