Mahindra Bolero Variants Comparison – Pick the Suitable Trim

Looking to buy the Mahindra Bolero but unable to take a decision on the variant? Here’s our guide on Mahindra Bolero variants to help you choose the best trim for you.

Mahindra has been in the Indian automotive industry for a very long time now and has pioneered the SUV segment by dishing out quality products. Mahindra Bolero is one of their oldest offerings and one of those SUVs which made the automaker quite popular. It was a rugged SUV and had a raw appeal attached to it. Due to this, it was liked in the rural areas due to its capability to drive over bad roads effortlessly and the macho appeal associated with it. The Bolero was not a family-oriented vehicle and that is why it did not achieve much success in that domain. It is on sale to this date and is still purchased by people who live or drive frequently in rural areas. If you are planning to buy this vehicle, continue reading this post and we will assist you better.

Powertrain Information

Mahindra Bolero

Variants Engine Transmission Power (bhp) Torque (Nm)
B4 Diesel 1.5-litre 5-Speed M 75 210
B6 Diesel 1.5-litre 5-Speed M 75 210
B6 (O) Diesel 1.5-litre 5-Speed M 75 210

Mahindra Bolero comes with a single diesel engine option that produces 75 bhp and 210 nm of torque. Power figures are not very impressive for a vehicle of this size but the delivery and torque from the motor gets the job done. It is not very peppy to drive but will get the job done in the city and is a comfortable highway cruiser.

Price List

Variants Price (ex-showroom)
B4 Diesel Rs 8.71 Lakhs
B6 Diesel Rs 9.45 Lakhs
B6 (O) Diesel Rs 9.70 Lakhs


With three trims on offer, the Mahindra Bolero does not have a very extensive price range. It does not need an extensive price range simply because it is a very affordable SUV. However, it is not an SUV that someone could buy for their family because of many factors which will be discussed further in the analysis.

Safety Features

Mahindra Bolero Rear Seats

Features B4 Diesel B6 Diesel B6 (O) Diesel
ABS with EBD Yes Yes Yes
Central Locking No Yes Yes
Airbags 1 1 1
Adjustable Seats Yes Yes Yes

As one can derive, there are not many safety features on offer for the Mahindra Bolero. It only comes with the bare minimum which the automaker has to offer. With such a low-cost and rugged SUV, there is only so much that Mahindra could have done in the safety aspect. Nonetheless, it has all the necessary safety features but could have been done with dual airbags at least.

Comfort and Convenience Inducing Features

Features B4 Diesel B6 Diesel B6 (O) Diesel
Power Windows No Yes Yes
Keyless Entry No Yes Yes
USB Charger No Front Front
Parking Sensors Rear Rear Rear
Gear Shift Indicator No No Yes


Mahindra Bolero does not have many comfort and convenience features on the plate. It barely gets any and only the most basic ones fulfil the list. It does not even get power windows in the base variant which could have been included for the front at least. It misses out on push-button start, cruise control, rear camera, rear AC vents, etc. Due to the price being low, Mahindra could not incorporate these features which is understandable.

Interior and Connectivity

Mahindra Bolero Interior

Features B4 Diesel B6 Diesel B6 (O) Diesel
Fabric Upholstery No Yes Yes
Touchscreen No No No
Apple CarPlay No No No
Android Auto No No No


In a similar fashion to the other departments, there are very minimum interior and entertainment features for the Mahindra Bolero. It does not get a touchscreen for any variant which is a bit disappointing and the base variant misses out on fabric upholstery as well. This proves that the Bolero is a very minimalistic vehicle.


Mahindra Bolero is an SUV that has been around for quite some time now and has made a name for itself in the Indian car market. It’s popular due to its macho style, raw appeal and ability to gobble up bad patches of roads with relative ease. However, it is not a family SUV, simple because it lacks a lot of features that are necessary for a vehicle to make the interior experience pleasant for other passengers. It is a minimalistic vehicle and is only equipped with the bare minimum in every department. Through this analysis, the most value for money variant to buy is the B6 Diesel as it gets all the bells and whistles at a lower price than the top variant.

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