Mahindra Releases Another Teaser of XUV700: Segment-First Features Revealed!

Mahindra XUV700 is expected to make its debut soon

Mahindra & Mahindra clearly are the kings of ‘the element of surprise’. They have found an amazing way to keep their competitors as well as the potential customers, on their toes. They keep releasing teasers of their upcoming beast of a car – the Mahindra XUV700, in parts! The car hasn’t even launched yet and it has taken the entire Indian auto market by storm. Teasing yet another video of their latest toy, Mahindra very subtly revealed a gorgeous feature. Curious to find out what? Stay tuned till the end!

Smart Door Handles

Segment-first Feature of XUV700

The new three-row SUV will flaunt ‘Smart Door Handles’. This is claimed to be the first-in-class feature in the country. No other car in the country has it. These smart door handles are like sleek bars that are integrated into the body panel. This technology is revolutionary, totally mocking the conventional door handles that protrude out at all times.

The smart door handlebar has a sensor fitted in it. Whenever it is touched or the car is unlocked using a key, the door handle automatically pops out. Similarly, the bar goes back to its previous position when the car is locked or when it is on the move. How cool is that?

The smart door handles sort of camouflage with the rest of the panel. This gives the car a clean & suede finish and potentially helps with the aerodynamics too. Previously, many carmakers had opted for flush-fitting doors but on their premium models only. These include Mercedes-Benz EQS, Aston Martin DBX, among others.

Auto Booster Headlamps

In its previous teaser videos, the automobile giant has revealed many other cool features of the car. Prominent among them is the Auto Booster Headlamps.

Another cool feature that the XUV700 is adorned with is the Auto Booster Headlamps. In the teaser video, the car brand has shown how the premium SUV’s LED headlamps will automatically adjust the beam sensing the darkness ahead. It can illuminate a bigger portion of the road when traveling at or above 80kmph. This will mitigate any chances of mishap. It’s one cool safety feature.

Panoramic Sunroof

XUV’s Panoramic Sunroof- The largest in segment

Let us talk about the Panoramic Sunroof now. It’s dreamy, it’s beautiful and it’s one-of-the-kind! A sunroof is a pretty common feature of passenger vehicles nowadays. Not only premium models, but several compact cars have it. So, what’s special about XUV700’s sunroof?

Well, in its teaser video, Mahindra has claimed that its sunroof is a panoramic sunroof. It’s so big that it will deliver the feels of driving a convertible. It’s the biggest in its segment. With this established, XUV’s Panoramic Sunroof is a segment-first feature too.

Dual-screen Infotainment Display

The list of lucrative features is quite long. Another in the row is the Dual-screen Infotainment display. A single-screen infotainment display is very common with mass-market and premium cars. The Mahindra XUV has dual-screen high-resolution display. This will act as a touchscreen infotainment system and as an instrument cluster in one.

An Array of Possibilities

Mahindra XUV700 has an array of exquisite features. It will include a leather-wrapped multi-function flat-bottom steering wheel, rear AC vents for both second and triple-row seats, reading lamps, dual-zone climate control, wireless charging, etc. Another handsome feature is the level-2 Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). It would be the first car to get such technology in this segment.

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