All You Need To Know About The Mahindra XUV 900 EV Coupe

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On August 15, 2022, at an exuberant event in Oxfordshire, UK, Mahindra will unveil their “Born Electric” array of upcoming electric vehicles! As many as 5 electric SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) might be found in this particular Mahindra lineup! Mahindra previously released a teaser video featuring three of their forthcoming SUVs. One of which was widely speculated to be the brand-new Mahindra XUV 900! Therefore, we are here to keep you up to date with all the information on the brand-new, impending Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe that is currently available.

Also, the Mahindra XUV 900 is the Mahindra XUV Aero concept vehicle’s production equivalent, which debuted at the 2016 Auto Expo. Additionally, according to the internet; the Mahindra XUV 900’s front and rear are rumored to have been inspired extensively by the Mahindra XUV 700 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, respectively. Moreover, as per reports, the Mahindra XUV 900 is going to be a global SUV. Furthermore, this SUV is being designed under Pratap Bose’s guidance at the Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (MADE) facility!

Additionally, on May 18 in Chennai, the Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Group and the VW (Volkswagen) Group signed a contract. Moreover, this agreement included component sharing for MEB electric components through the end of 2022. In light of this agreement, it is reasonable to assume that Mahindra plans to use MEB electric parts such as electric motors, electric battery systems, battery cells, and others in its “born electric” range. Also, these MEB parts are present on already successful electric vehicles like Audi e-Tron, and more! Furthermore, it is widely speculated that some of these shared electric MEB components are also in the Mahindra XUV 900!

Mahindra XUV900 EV Coupe

The Exterior

So, what’s the exterior of the Mahindra XUV900 EV coupe like?

When examining the design components and design language of the upcoming Mahindra XUV 900 EV (Electric Vehicle) coupe, futuristic is the first word that springs to mind.

Please be informed that Mahindra has not officially unveiled any XUV900 EV coupe designs. However, a tonne of renders from the Mahindra Aero concept car and XUV900 EV coupe teaser video have been creatively conceptualized and are readily available online!

mahindra xuv 900 images

The headlights are without a doubt the first noticeable feature on the front of the Mahindra XUV 900. The Mahindra teaser displayed a single component headlight running in a C-shape along the borders of the automobile from the bonnet to the front bumper. Moreover, this headlamp definitely seems contemporary and unique compared to other cars on the current automotive market! Furthermore, an air vent for aerodynamic purposes might also be installed in the front of the Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe!

Moreover, Mahindra is going to be optimizing the wheel design to be more aerodynamic. This will probably result in a much more efficient car in total!

The Mahindra XUV900 EV coupe’s rear, however, is even more mysterious than its front! But at this time, we can probably be certain that the Mahindra XUV 900 EV will be a coupe. Therefore, the rear will probably seem quite coupe-like! This means that the Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe will have two modest, useful back seats as well as a sleek, sloping roofline. However, a classic coupe comes equipped with two doors only!  Well, we will simply have to wait and see what Mahindra has in store for the XUV 900!

So, that is all that we know about the exterior of the Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe!

The Interior

So, what is the interior of the Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe like?

mahindra xuv 900 interior

The EV’s interior is also mysterious. However, the internet renders a square-ish, quirky, yet attractive steering wheel in XUV 900. Moreover, the seat’s premium stitching is speculated to be of faux leather! Additionally, the infotainment system might be adapted from the Mahindra XUV 700! And the instrument cluster should definitely be all digital!

The Features

So, what are the features of the Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe?

Although, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. has not issued any official statements yet. We can expect all the modern features like ventilated seats, adaptive headlights, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), automatic climate control, steering-mounted audio controls, automatic rain-sensing windshield wipers, and more. Moreover, the safety features of the XUV 900 EV could be. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), electric ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors), lane departure warning, 6 to 8 airbags, 5-star safety rating from Global NCAP testing, and more!

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The Powertrain

So, what is the powertrain on the Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe?

As mentioned, the Mahindra XUV 900 is going to be part of Mahindra’s ” Born Electric” lineup; the car will be an electric SUV coupe!

For the XUV 900 to be a successful electric vehicle globally, Mahindra would undoubtedly need to optimize the battery pack to give the range in accordance with international norms!

The Pricing

So, what is the price tag on the Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe going to be?

At this time, the pricing is solely based on internet rumors. The launch of this vehicle is currently several months away. June 2024 is the anticipated period for the Mahindra XUV 900 EV coupe to go on sale in India.

The speculations suggest that the price for XUV 900 is to be around 25 lakh to 30 lakh rupees in India!


We now conclude with our article on the Mahindra XUV900 EV coupe!

Please keep in mind, though, that all of the information given above is simply based on online speculations! Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. has not released much information on the car. So, we can not be certain of the facts and figures presented in the aforementioned article.

If you have any thoughts regarding the Mahindra XUV900 EV coupe, feel free to drop them in the comments section!

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