Manual vs Automatic: Which Car is More Convenient For You and Why?

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    Is it the manual transmission (MT) car that is good for you or is it the automatic (AT) one that will serve you better? Find it here.

    Manual vs Automatic Transmission

    In the last couple of years, there has been a drastic change in the driving behaviour and buying preferences of the Indian car owners. This change has not only impacted the buying habits but has also forced carmakers to become a part of this transformation. Alongside performance and looks, convenience is one of the key focus areas for the car manufacturers these days. And, to mention, the biggest feature upgrade pertaining to ease of drive and convenience has been the automatic transmission aka AT.



    Since decades Indians have settled from manual transmission in their cars, while automatic was offered only with premium and luxury vehicles. However, today more and more people are opting for cars with automatic transmission. Sighting the consumer sentiments, car brands provide the choice of automatic even in their entry-level car.

    Both types of transmission mechanism have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. And if you are confused over which one to pick, we bring you some factors that will help you zero upon your choice of transmission.

    Manual Transmission v/s Automatic Transmission   

    Before jumping to the conclusion as to which is more convenient for you we need to quickly understand the basic difference between the manual transmission (MT) and automatic transmission (AT).

    In simple terms, the visible difference between the two is that AT equipped cars don’t have a clutch pedal. Also, the gearbox offers no complexities. The MT cars come with five or more gears along with a reverse gear, which provides you with total control of the vehicle. However, the straightforward automatic gearbox features 4 different modes namely P (Park), R (Reverse), N (Neutral) and D (Drive).

    Depending upon the road condition and speed, the gearbox automatically selects optimum gear for the car in that situation. In a nutshell, during the drive, you only require to think about going forward (D), backwards (R), or stop (P).

    Manual transmission gearbox requires manual changing of gears during the drives, which can be ideal during adventure trips or long tours. However, the same may be stressful under stop and go traffic situations in city limits. Here, the convenience of automatic brings great respite, as the gear changes automatically.

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    Transmission choice

    Although manual transmission comes in a solo avatar, there are different types of automatic transmission gearboxes available on different cars. And these comprise of Continuously Variable Transaxle (CVT), single automated clutches/automated manual transmission (AMT) and direct-shift gearbox (DSG).

    Are you in a dilemma over which AT to choose? Well, this depends upon your budget. If you are on a tight budget choose AMT. If performance is on your mind and long travels are frequent go for the DSG. However, in India, owing to the high number of budget car buyers, most prefer AMTs over any other gearbox.

    Power and Acceleration 

    If you traverse over different terrains (smooth tarmac, rocky roads, muddy surfaces) more and love performance drives, you can select manual gear choice. But if commute in daily city traffic is your routine go for AMT. when it comes to performance MT is superior to the AT.


    Across the globe automatic is eating the manual market rapidly. But not that fast in India, reason? It’s the higher cost of automatic car variants compared to the manual ones. If cost is not a constraint you can choose AMT over MT.

    Learning is easy

    Compared to other age groups, it’s the millennial that has been a solid driving force for the automatics in India. Why? Because, you can easily learn to operate it without the hassles of multitasking such as shifting of gears at different speeds, maintaining straight-line drive and keeping road hurdles in check.

    The power of automatic keeps all these bothersome things at bay. And you only need to focus on maneuvering and braking. If you are new to cars, you can even learn the automatic transmission cars easily compared to the manual ones.

    Fuel economy differs 

    The frequent back and forth of gears in a manually driven car may take a toll on fuel efficiency under traffic situations. However, that’s not the case with automatics, with no clutch used, the gear changes on its own without affecting the mileage of the car. Earlier, it used to happen that the automatic transmission cars used to consume more fuel as compared the manual ones, but now, with the advancement in automobile manufacturing technology, the automatics are delivering better fuel efficiency as compared to the former in city conditions.

    So, if you are a city resident and expect your car to save fuel for you, automatic is the way to go. If you go across long route drives manual gearbox will let you achieve greater fuel mileage.

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