Maruti Eeco All Variants Compared – See Which Suits You Best

If you are planning to buy Maruti Eeco and can’t decide which variant to buy, this post might help you in forming a decision.

Minivan culture in the Indian car market was non-existent back in the days when Maruti launched the Versa. It was one of the first family minivan to be launched in India but customers at the time were unaware and the vehicle was simply ahead of its time. Unwillingly, Maruti had to discontinue the production for the Versa. After some years, Maruti Eeco was launched which was based on the Versa (replacing the Maruti Omni) but was targeted more towards the commercial sector this time. It did not take much time for it to become a success and make a name for itself in the commercial sector. However, it is still a good option for large families with a budget crunch. If you are planning to buy one and cannot decide which variant to buy, stay tuned and we will make this decision a bit easier for you.

Engine Specifications

Maruti Eeco

Variants Engine Transmission Power (bhp) Torque (Nm)
5 Str STD 1.2-litre 5-Speed M 72 98
7 Str STD 1.2-litre 5-Speed M 72 98
5 Str AC 1.2-litre 5-Speed M 72 98
CNG 5 Str AC 1.2-litre 5-Speed M 61 85


Maruti Eeco comes in two fuel choices, a petrol and a CNG. Both of these engine types produce respectable figures and both are highly frugal with the CNG scoring more points in that aspect. However, the petrol engine is more drive-able and punchy. Buying the CNG powered variant or the petrol-powered variant is a matter of personal preference, but both engines get the job done.

Price List

Variants Price (ex-showroom)
5 Str STD Rs 4.30 Lakhs
7 Str STD Rs 4.59 Lakhs
5 Str AC Rs 4.70 Lakhs
CNG 5 Str AC Rs 5.60 Lakhs


The price range for the Maruti Eeco is respectable for a family minivan which is available in a 7-seater configuration. A budget-friendly minivan being this affordable is commendable and a job well done by Maruti for making this happen. Buying the 7 or 5-seater variant depends on the usage of the person and the prices for both the variants aren’t high either.

Safety Features

Maruti Eeco

Features 5 Str STD 7 Str STD 5 Str AC CNG 5 Str AC
ABS with EBD Yes Yes Yes Yes
Central Locking No No No No
Child Safety Locks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-Theft Alarm No No No No
Airbags 1 1 1 1
Adjustable Seats Yes Yes Yes Yes


Maruti has done a great job in maintaining uniformity in all of their variants when it comes to safety features. All variants have the same features but there are some misses. For example, offering only one airbag is not a good thing for a minivan that will be seating at least five people. All said and done, Maruti should rectify these minor errors and update the Eeco so that it becomes a more complete option and a prospective buy for a larger number of consumers.

Comfort and Convenience Features

Features 5 Str STD 7 Str STD 5 Str AC CNG 5 Str AC
Power Steering No No No No
Power Windows No No No No
AC No No Yes Yes
Heater Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear AC Vents No No No No
Adjustable Steering No No No No
Parking Sensors Rear Rear Rear Rear
Keyless Entry No No No No


Maruti has maintained uniformity yet again by giving the same comfort and convenience features in every model, except one or two features. The biggest omission is the AC which should have been included in every variant. Considering the fact that this minivan is catered towards the Indian market, AC should have never been out of the question and is a big blunder to skip this feature. Also, the absence of rear AC vents in a family minivan is unacceptable and illogical. Maruti should rectify all of these discrepancies as soon as possible.

Interior and Entertainment

Eeco interior

Features 5 Str STD 7 Str STD 5 Str AC CNG 5 Str AC
Electronic Multi-Tripmeter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fabric Upholstery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Height Adjustable Driver Seat No No No No
Touchscreen No No No No
Speakers No No No No


Maruti Eeco is a budget-friendly minivan and it is understood that it won’t have many features to begin with. But basic features, like a music system and speakers should have been included in the kit. Overall, there is a high-level uniformity in the features of the Maruti Eeco and buying any variant will depend on personal choice.


Maruti Eeco is an affordable budget-friendly family minivan that has uniformity in every aspect. People looking to buy the CNG version are only left with the option of a 5-seater, while people happy with the petrol powertrain can go for 5 or 7-seater configuration. It has some of the basic features missing which can cause a problem but considering the budget, it can prove to be a great option for moving people.


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