7 Good Reasons That Explain Why Maruti Suzuki Alto is A Big Hit in India

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    What made Maruti Suzuki Alto a big hit in the Indian car market? Know it here! Maruti Alto 5 Good Reasons Why it is A Big Hit in India

    Ever since the oldie ‘Maruti 800’ was introduced in India, the entry-level cars have been the biggest contributors to domestic automotive sales. As the 800 was growing old with speculations of being phased out any year, the Maruti Suzuki Alto was the next big thing in the entry-level hatchback segment. After being launched in the year 2000, the Alto gained Indian car buyers’ trust in around 4 years and bagged the bestseller title for the first in the year 2004.



    This car has a long history now and it still thrives with its continued success. As the hatchback now nears two decades of its existence, it has achieved another milestone of more than 39 lakh units being sold in India. Such an incredible sales figure is in itself self-explanatory that the Alto hatchback still maintains its dominance in the segment and stands firm as a dependable family car. But have you ever wondered why Maruti Alto hatchback has been such a big hit in the Indian car market despite many new small cars introduced as rivals? Well, there are many good reasons that explain why the car buyers preferred Maruti Suzuki Alto over other cars and made it a big hit in the auto market. Read on!

    1. Low Price Tag

    The demand for entry-level cars has always been high in India. This has been mainly because the majority of car buyers fall in the middle-class income criteria. The buyers of entry-level cars therefore have to keep the budget factor in mind. And as a car like Alto comes tagged at an ex-showroom price of Rs 2.95 lakh, it rightly meets the requirement of entry-level car buyers. Also, most of the Indian families prefer buying a small car as their first car and a car like Alto that ticks all the boxes comes as a handy choice for them.

    2. High Fuel Efficiency

    Remember that “Kitna Deti Hai?” Maruti Suzuki campaign? That’s what majority of car buyers in India are most concerned about – the mileage. The Alto has been a perfect match for fuel efficient car seekers in India. The current BS6 Alto petrol delivers an incredible mileage of 22.05 kmpl while with CNG it returns mileage of 31.59 km/kg. Very economical indeed!

    3. Reliable Brand

    Another reason for the Alto’s big success has been its “Maruti Suzuki” badge. In India, car buyers have a high trust on Maruti Suzuki brand and when such a trustworthy comes up with a car like Alto in the entry-level hatchback segment, its success is very much likely.

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    4. Low Cost of Maintenance

    Believe it or not, but the maintenance factor has contributed a lot in Maruti Suzuki Alto’s success. This car is amongst the best low maintenance cars in India and its maintenance cost for 5 years is around Rs 13,500 (approximately). Something that’s very much affordable. In addition, the cost of Maruti Suzuki spare parts is cheapest if you compare them against the spare parts cost of other brands.

    5. Widespread Service Network

    Maruti Suzuki’s widespread service network has also contributed to the success of the Alto hatchback in India. Today, Maruti Suzuki has its footprints in every nook and corner of the country that makes it very convenient for a car buyer to get his car serviced. The company eyes to have 5,000 service centres in India by this year. This is something that will further scale up the number of Maruti car buyers in India.

    6. Resale Value

    Car buyers in India are also worried of getting a right value of their cars whenever they intend to upgrade with a new car. And Maruti Suzuki Alto has been a car of very decent resale value as compared to its rivals. The resale value is also important for cars like Maruti Alto because people such cars as their first cars and in future when the have to upgrade to a sedan or SUV, the wish to get good resale price.

    7. Replica of Trusted ‘Maruti 800’

    Maruti Alto has been presented by the car maker as a successor to the 800 hatchback. And as the 800 was country’s first compact hatchback and had high trust value, car buyers could easily perceive the Alto hatchback as the most trustworthy small car.

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    1. Better to go for safety factors.Instead of resale value, fuel efficiency, network ………..And that’s why TATA tiago is best our own INDIAN CAR.

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