8 Good Reasons That Explain Why Maruti Suzuki Alto is A Big Hit in India

What made Maruti Suzuki Alto a big hit in the Indian car market? Know it here! Maruti Alto 5 Good Reasons Why it is A Big Hit in India

Many passenger cars have left an indelible mark in the Indian automotive industry but Maruti Alto is a special one. Despite its conservative styling in the age we are living in, the popularity hasn’t dwindled in over two decades. Launched in the year 2000, Alto has been the highest selling car in India for 16 years topping over 4 million sales till date.


So, what makes Maruti Suzuki Alto a convincing package amongst the swarm of passenger cars? Let’s find out.

1. Extremely affordable

To be honest, the word extreme is not an exaggeration. The smart pricing strategy of Maruti Suzuki has proved that the brand knows the pulse of middle-class consumers. Without being complacent, the carmaker has always strived to improve this car with each new version. That’s why for both first-time and entry-level buyers, the starting price tag of INR 2.99 lakh comes as a handy choice.

2. Fuel efficiency

Fuel prices have always been a cause of headache for car buyers in India and God knows when it will cease to affect the pockets. The high mileage of Maruti Alto is one of its unique selling points and has a direct connection with its popularity.

With a claimed ARAI fuel economy of 22.05kmpl, the owner will never get dissatisfied with this car in terms of fuel economy. If that isn’t enough to satiate mileage hungry folks, there is a CNG variant as well that is capable enough to deliver 31.59km/kg.

3. Reliable engine

One of the key strengths of Maruti’s success in the country is how it sets up the engines that rightfully match not only with gear ratios but also the driving conditions and customer preferences. Alto is powered by BS6 800cc engine which produces 40.3bhp and 60Nm of max torque with 5-speed manual transmission.

The engine might feel underpowered for some, but fairly decent for day-to-day driving.

4. Compact dimensions

The Maruti Alto is a typical runabout car that can steer you comfortably in every nook and crannies of the city. The compactness really helps drift through slow-moving traffic and tight parking spaces. This is because the vehicle is not tall and that results in less body roll.

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5. Cabin comfort and safety

If one is willing to overlook the lack of space, the interiors are pretty much decent in this price range. The air conditioning has always been appreciated in this car as it does not take too much time in cooling the cabin in hot summers.

The dual-toned cabin and newly introduced touchscreen Smartplay infotainment system has taken this car to the next level. Apart from offering GPS navigation and music, the infotainment can be easily integrated with Android and Apple smartphones.

Moreover, the safety and security features such as dual front airbags, reverse parking sensors, and remote keyless entry have helped the car churn more sales in recent years.

6. Brand accessibility

Maruti has spread its wings at every nook and corner of this country. And the footprints are increasing at a staggering rate with Maruti aiming to touch the mark of 5,000 service centers in near future. Currently, with over 3000 showrooms across 1964 cities and towns, it is pretty clear the brand will remain unbeatable in coming years. And cars like Alto will continue to rule the roost in its segment.

7. Low maintenance cost

Maintaining affordable cars does not come heavy on pockets, and Maruti Alto is no exception. The average five-year maintenance cost lies somewhere around INR 20,000 and this surely brings smiles on the face of budget buyers. And with the seal of Maruti, you can find spare parts even in remote areas of the country.

8. High resale value

Being a hugely popular car in its segment, Maruti Alto always gets a better resale value as compared to its competitors. This is because car buyers in this country have a special place for Maruti vehicles as selling them is mostly a hassle-free experience.

Despite a huge competition in the space with cars like Renault Kwid and Datsun Redi-GO growing leaps and bound, this hasn’t thwarted the dominance of Alto. Even Hyundai Eon which was specifically crafted to counter Alto didn’t affect the enviable position of Alto. The car has become stronger and stronger with every passing year strengthening its consumer appeal.

Moreover, in the post Covid-19 era where people now prefer personal cars over public transport, the Alto will continue to roll on as an affordable and dependable vehicle.

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  1. Better to go for safety factors.Instead of resale value, fuel efficiency, network ………..And that’s why TATA tiago is best our own INDIAN CAR.

  2. It’s brand for middle class with all facilities for that price more than that maintenance is affordable compare to other brands including Maruti other versions.

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