Maruti Suzuki Eeco – The Quintessential Van For Commuter to Commercial Utility

Let’s take a deep dive and understand design, features, price and what makes the Maruti Eeco – ‘The Quintessential Van’.

Maruti has been pioneering almost all the segments in the Indian car market for a very long time now. The practical van segment was pioneered by the Maruti Omni for decades and was used commercially as well. People bought the Omni for personal usage too and were satisfied with it due to the lack of options available. Later, Maruti Suzuki Versa was launched in the market and was renamed Maruti Eeco.

Maruti Eeco

Maruti Suzuki Versa was aimed more at personal usage and was given more features than the Omni. However, people couldn’t grasp the concept and the Versa had to be discontinued. Maruti Eeco then entered the market a few years later and was liked by the commercial sector and became popular in an instant. Let’s take a look and find about the Maruti Eeco.

Exterior Design

Maruti Eeco

There is not much to talk about the design aspect of the Maruti Eeco. It has a typical boxy design and has a simple no-nonsense design. The front looks simple with halogen headlamps and a black plastic bumper which misses out on foglamps. The bonnet has an awkward design which tapers to the ground.

Maruti Eeco

The sides of the Eeco portray the boxy dimensions. It has an awkward raise in height and has large windows and sliding doors. There are no character lines or cuts and creases to make it look exciting. The 13-inch wheels look extremely small considering the dimensions of the car. It looks like a typical van from the sides with a simple design language.

Maruti Eeco

The rear isn’t exciting either. It is pretty simple with a hatchback style tailgate. The Eeco  gets halogen taillights with a black plastic bumper. It doesn’t look awkward from the rear and exudes purpose. Overall, the design of the Maruti Eeco is pretty basic with only the bare minimum bits present.

Interior and Features

Maruti has only equipped the Eeco with the bare minimum in the interior department. It gets a beige and black dual-tone interior theme. The plastic quality is not good and hard plastics are used all over the cabin but nothing more can be expected at this price point. Fit and finish levels are satisfactory with nothing feeling out of place. The front seats are satisfactory in terms of overall comfort and the visibility is great due to the large window area and high driving position. However, the front seats could be tiring after a long journey. The instrument cluster is extremely basic. It gets an analogue speedometer with a small digital multi-information display.

Eeco interior

The equipment list on this car is not very extensive with Maruti only providing the bare minimum. As this car is mainly focused at the commercial sector, the feature list consists of only the most essential items. Some of the features include, air conditioner with heater, 12V power outlet, electronic trip meter, rear parking sensors, adjustable headlights, driver-side airbag, ABS with EBD, engine immobilizer and child safety locks.

Performance and Ride Quality

Maruti Eeco comes with a 1.2-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine, which produces 62 bhp and 85 Nm of torque. The power figures are quite poor for a 7-seater van which would be used for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, it gets the job done without any hitch and the CNG variant is an economical option which is another aspect which attracts customers. The power output is linear and it is not a rev happy machine. It is a van which will perform while driving sedately and completing all the daily duties in considerable comfort.

Eeco Rearseat

Maruti Eeco is versatile to say the least. It can be bought in a 5-seater configuration or a 7-seater configuration. The cabin of the vehicle is large and can accommodate three people in comfort, however, the rear bench seat is not very comfortable and under-thigh support is lacking. Headroom is ample but kneeroom could be a problem for taller passengers. The third row is best suited for children as adults won’t be happy to sit in the last row. The boot in the 5-seater configuration is massive and becomes a great cargo carrying option.

Eeco interior

The ride quality is bouncy and there is some amount of body-roll. It is fairly stable at high speeds but it is not advised to drive at triple digit speeds in this particular vehicle. Overall, the no-nonsense theme filters into the cabin making it fit for commercial usage and not a very good option for people looking to buy a 7-seater for personal use.


Considering that this is an entry level van, the safety feature list is not very extensive on this car. Some safety features include, rear parking sensors, engine immobilizer, driver-side airbag, ABS with EBD, child safety locks, rear seat belts, side impact beams and front impact beams.


Here is a table showing price with the respective variants of the Maruti Eeco.

Variants Price (Ex-showroom)
5-seater STD Petrol Rs. 4.08 Lakhs
7-seater STD Petrol Rs. 4.37 Lakhs
5-seater AC Petrol Rs. 4.49 Lakhs
5-seater AC CNG Rs. 5.39 Lakhs



Maruti Eeco has been in the market for a few years and is already pretty popular among the commercial sector in India. It’s attractive pricing and the amount of flexibility and space on offer is something which cannot be matched by any other car-maker. Maruti will continue to sell the Eeco in great numbers due to the already established customer base, however, it will never be preferred by a person looking to buy a vehicle for personal usage.


  1. I’m a proud owner of Maruti Eeco for 11 years now
    …the vehicle serves my purposes beyond my expectations … it runs smoothly with minor repairs here and there…. its No.1 mpv in India in term of price and performance.. it runs proudly with no close rival of its segment for 12 years since launched ..I love the vehicle very much …

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