Reports: Mercedes-AMG Project One Top Fuel Dragster Will Go Into Operation in Mid-2022

Mercedes-AMG Project One Top Fuel Dragster

According to the automotive sector, the Mercedes AMG Project One, which debuted as a concept car at the IAA Mobility Show in Frankfurt in 2017, will go into production in the middle of next year. The Mercedes AMG hypercar has been delayed several times owing to difficulties encountered when converting an F1-derived hybrid powertrain for road use.

AMG confirmed to Robb Report on Thursday that “the performance division of the German automaker has texted clients who purchased the hybrid hypercar to inform them that the much-anticipated vehicle will finally go into production in mid-2022”.

The announcement, which was originally reported by Autocar, brings to a close one of the most arduous automotive development periods in recent memory. The Mercedes AMG Project One will bring Formula One hybrid technology to the streets. Four years ago, Mercedes AMG Project One made its global premiere.


  • The much anticipated Project One will be powered by a high-performance plug-in hybrid powertrain system derived directly from Formula 1.
  • One of the biggest problems the team encountered during development was lowering the idle speed of the mid-mounted V6 engine to 1,200 rpm from the 5000 rpm of the Formula 1 engine. It was a ‘tremendous task,’ according to the engineers.
  • One variant, supercharged propulsion system with four electric motors will power the Mercedes AMG Project One.
  • The front wheels will be driven by two motors, one of which is incorporated into the turbocharger. The carmaker has immediately placed another motor on the combustion engine.
  • The car will have a huge power output of over 1,000 horsepower thanks to its all-wheel drive and 1.6-litre turbo V6 under the hood.

When the car was first shown four years ago, AMG promised that Project One would be able to sprint from zero to 200 kilometres per hour in less than six seconds and have a peak speed of nearly 350 kilometres per hour. Only 275 of these high-performance cars will be produced, and they are all said to be sold out.


Nevertheless, Mercedes-electrification AMG’s drive is really starting to pick up steam, with both the One and the AMG GT 63 S E Performance slated to go into manufacturing next year.

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