Mercedes Benz EQG Concept Previews an Electric SUV Version of the G Class

A Mercedes-Benz G-Class electric model will be introduced by 2025. Mercedes’ iconic SUV will undergo one of the most radical mechanical changes since it was unveiled in 1979. It has been reported that Mercedes-Benz’ new EQ range of cars will have much in common with the current IC car, but a raft of styling updates that will bring it into line with their new electric EQ model line. The EQG was previewed at Munich as a near-production study, described as a Concept EQG. 

An illuminated trim element replaced the front grille and a solid panel with a 3D star pattern replaced the solid panel. New 22-inch wheels were designed notably to look like wall-mounted chargers and a storage box replaced the spare wheel carrier. 

As part of Mercedes-Benz’s Concept EQG, the roof rack of the Concept EQG is equipped with a bright LED strip along the front edge – a hint that this electric version of the G-Class can take on challenging off-road excursions. The EQG is built on the same ladder-style chassis as the G-Class, but with independent front and rear suspensions instead of a rigid rear axle. 

Powertrain and off-road capability:

Mercedes-Benz says the battery-electric drivetrain enhances the G-Class’ off-road capabilities. A pair of two-speed gearboxes provide low-range and high-range gearing, and four motors mounted on the wheels can be individually controlled. 

A single electric motor will provide the EQG with the pulling power and controllability to tackle steep inclines, rough terrain, and tow heavy loads. It is rumoured that Mercedes-Benz will produce this quad-motor powertrain in the future. 

A low centre of gravity is achieved by integrating the battery into the ladder frame. A prototype of the EQG will take to the mountain track at Schöckl, home of the firm’s legendary testing program. G-Classes are currently marketed under the “Schöckl proved” brand based on their off-road capabilities. 

The battery capacity and range of the EQG have not been disclosed since it is yet a concept. Despite this, however, the G63 will no doubt impress with 577 horsepower and 0-60 kmph time in less than five seconds, making it the most powerful and fastest model to date.

The unveiling of the Concept EQG was hailed by Mercedes-Benz research chief Markus Schäfer as a milestone in the company’s EV drive. In order to spread electric mobility among people, he said, “We must provide them with compelling products”. “An iconic vehicle like the G-Class is perfect for such a task.”

Mercedes-Benz India:

There are currently two Mercedes-Benz G-Class models on sale in India, the G-Class SUV and the AMG G 63.

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