Mercedes-Benz GLS – Extravagance Has a New Name!

Take a look at some of the interesting highlights of the Mercedes-Benz GLS pertaining to comfort, performance, safety and design.

Mercedes-Benz GLS has always been the pinnacle of luxury SUVs and has set pretty high benchmarks in the segment. The competition has been forced to improve and take their vehicles to greater heights to match the high standards of this SUV. With this new design, it looks even more imposing and luxurious with an interior that will mesmerize the eyes of many. With supreme comfort on the inside, the automaker has given due attention to safety and performance as well. This SUV will go against the likes of Audi Q8 and BMW X7.

Mercedes-Benz GLS Interior and Exterior

Mercedes-Benz GLS

The GLS has an imposing and luxurious design from the outside giving it a head-turning appeal and immense road presence. The interior is as luxurious as ever and is laden with the latest technology to set new benchmarks yet again. The interior and exterior highlights include:

  • Ambient lighting with 64 different colours
  • Double sunblind
  • Retractable running board
  • Front apron with applications and air inlet grilles in chrome
  • Adaptive LED taillights and multi-beam headlights

Mercedes-Benz GLS Comfort

GLS Seats

Being the flagship luxury SUV, comfort level has to be second to none and the GLS takes care of all its passengers in utmost comfort. With innovations in every field, the German automaker makes sure to provide the absolute best to its customers in every department. Comfort and convenience features of the car include:

  • Airmatic suspension
  • 5-zone climate control
  • Temperature controlled cupholders
  • Configurable display styles on the instrument cluster and multimedia system display
  • Individualize the Touch Control buttons on the steering wheel

Mercedes-Benz GLS Performance


The GLS comes with three engine options, a diesel and two petrol motors along with batteries. To begin with, there is a 3.0-litre; 6-cylinder diesel motor with a 14 V battery producing 326 bhp and 700 nm of torque. These are some respectable figures considering the size of the SUV and will not feel underpowered at any given moment with good refinement levels. Secondly, a 3.0-litre; 6-cylinder petrol unit with a 48 V battery capacity producing 362 bhp and 500 nm of torque. The performance from this engine is somewhat similar to the diesel with slightly improved refinement levels. Last but not the least, 4.0-litre; 8-cylinder petrol motor with a 48 V battery churning out a mighty 550 bhp and 730 nm of torque. This is the motor to pick for keen drivers and the performance from this motor is sublime.

Mercedes-Benz GLS Safety


Looking at all the other departments, safety has to be top-notch as well. With everything being at the very best, safety is something which cannot be compromised at any level and the GLS makes sure that its passengers feel safe and secure at all times. Safety features worth-noticing in the GLS are:

  • 9 airbags
  • Equipped with a host of sensors: cameras, radar and ultrasound capture the surroundings to reduce the risk of an accidents
  • The HANDS-FREE ACCESS function allows contactless, fully automatic opening and closing of the tailgate – with a simple kicking motion below the sensor
  • Downhill speed regulation
  • Tyre pressure monitor

Mercedes-Benz GLS Entertainment

GLS Interior

Along with all the other aspects, entertainment is something which has to be inside the cabin to cater to the passengers on long journeys. Moreover, with cut-throat competition, more and more advance features are being placed inside vehicles to stay ahead in the competition. Entertainment and connectivity features of the car are:

  • MBUX Rear Seat Entertainment System (Two 11.6-inch touch screens with full-HD camera with Direct access to: MBUX multimedia system: Radio/media/internet, Navigation and trip planning function
  • Alexa and Google Home integration with Mercedes Me connect
  • Artificial Intelligence (Remembers your favorite songs and the way to your work, automatically adjusts the right radio station, Shows the fastest route), Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call System (its own SIM card automatically triggers an emergency call)
  • 3-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • 13-speaker Burmeister surround sound system

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