Mercedes-Benz Unveils its C-Class Estate All-Terrain

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Mercedes-Benz will launch a C-Class model for off-road travel that includes several design changes, standard all-wheel drive, and two additional driving modes. The All-Terrain, as the name suggests, is Mercedes’ off-road-focused version of the new C-Class Estate. This model features a raised ride height of 40mm, larger wheels, and 4Matic all-wheel drive. The inaugural All-Terrain model comes after the E-Class received an off-road makeover in 2017. The car now features a multi-link suspension set-up, larger steering knuckles, and passive damping to make it better suited for poor road conditions.


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With the exterior styling upgrades, the car now features a chrome radiator grille, resistant bumpers, as well as an underride guard at the front and rear. Chrome trim is added to the vehicle’s exterior in addition to the design changes.

There is also an option to equip it with 17-inch or 19-inch wheels with LED lights as standard. In addition to additional off-road lights, the driver will be able to see obstacles at long distances or on corners because of the wider illumination.


Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain

A standard feature of the All-Terrain is the Avantgarde interior. An interior colour scheme is available in brown and black. The 10.25-inches and 12.3-inches of the digital infotainment screens display off-road data, including incline, decline and steering angle, along with geographic coordinates and a compass.


Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain

A mild-hybrid powertrain is available in both four-cylinder petrol and diesel engine types to improve efficiency and energy recovery. The performance figures are expected to be similar to those available on the standard C-Class Estate, although the exact numbers have not yet been confirmed.

On the All-Terrain model, Offroad and Offroad+ are two new driving modes. When combined with the Offroad+ system, drivers can safely traverse heavier and steeper surfaces and increase their downhill speed as needed.

Plans by Mercedes-Benz India

Mercedes-Benz C-Class All-Terrain

German luxury automaker Mercedes won’t make the C-Class Estate All-Terrain available in our market, since we don’t even have the regular Estate. Our market will however soon see the launch of Mercedes’ new C-Class sedan.

The marque has also introduced a variety of new models this year, such as the A-Class Limousine, another generation of GLA, the E-Class facelift, and the new S-Class. Finally, AMG has recently introduced the E53 and E63S performance sedans.

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