Mercedes’ New Avatar: THE VISION AVTR

Mercedes-Benz has gone ahead and done it! A concept vehicle with absolutely fluid design, futuristic lighting and amazingly perceptive interface.

Mercedes named this groundbreaking concept AVTR for ADVANCED VEHICLE TRANSFORMATION which is also a nod to the AVATAR team on which the concept is visually based on.

The company calls this new concept car an embodiment of the vision of Mercedes-Benz designers, engineers and trend researchers for mobility in the distant future.


The design of AVTR puts the perception and experience of the passengers at the foremost.

The holistic concept combines the design disciplines interior, exterior and UX and focuses on the prolongation of an immersive experience that leaves the passengers with an absolutely stunning life experience, not just a driving experience. It also creates an unequalled experience space in which passengers connect with each other, with the vehicle and the surrounding area uniquely like never before.

The VISION AVTR is designed to respond to the approach of the passengers by visualising the energy and information flow of the environment. This is done by digital neurons that flow through the grille, through the wheels and to the rear area. For example, when driving, the neurons flow over the outside of the vehicle. When changing direction, the energy flows to the corresponding side of the vehicle.

The interaction in the interior between passenger and vehicle happens completely intuitively via the control unit. When a hand is placed on the centre console, the interior comes to life and the vehicle recognises the driver by his breathing. This establishes a biometric connection with the driver to increase his awareness of the environment.


The tires have uniquely designed lights that light up differently when the vehicle is charging, accelerating or slowing down. It also serves as a turn indicator. The design of these tire lights is inspired from nowhere else other than the movie Avatar with its “tree of souls”.

The rear end of AVTR, below the bionic flaps houses little lights that look like rays flowing up and down that speed up during acceleration. Cool, isn’t it?

Door Lock

The design of the vehicle in the profile is so smooth and has no door handle. So how do we actually enter the vehicle? There’s a fingerprint scanner that’s hidden above the tires that hold your biometric signature.

On opening, the doors look like wings of an insect with its curved contours, and transparent clear, glass surfaces.


The first thing we notice is that there is no steering wheel. The next thing that makes us drop our jaws is that the interiors look more like a spaceship and less like a car.

The back shell of the seat and the roof are decorated with a colour-changing fabric inspired by the colour world of the sea. Depending on the light, the textile changes its colour from dark blue to a subtle light blue.

The seats are refined by vegan DINAMICA leather. DINAMICA is the first and only microfibre with surety of environmental sustainability throughout the entire production process.

Basically, it is a recycled material made from old clothing, flags and PET plastic bottles. With its extreme versatility, maximum performance and high quality, DINAMICA is very suitable for use in luxurious car interiors and guarantees slip resistance for passengers on the seats.

Display Module

The conventional dashboard is replaced by a curved display module. It creates a visual connection between passengers and the outside world where the surrounding area is shown in real-time 3D graphics. At the same time, it also shows what is happening on the road in front of the vehicle.

These detailed real-time images bring the interior to life and allow passengers to discover and interact with the environment in a natural way with different views of the outside world. It’s like a sci-fi movie come to life!

As of now, the AVTR is programmed to let the passengers experience in detail three wonders of nature – the Huangshan Mountains of China, the 115-metre-high Hyperion Tree found in the United States and the pink salt Lake Hillier.

Passengers can also be made aware of various forces of nature not normally visible to the human eye, such as magnetic fields, bioenergy or ultraviolet light.


Vision AVTR is trying and succeeding in leading the world towards making luxury vehicles resource-saving and more sustainable. Mercedes aims to use technology to bridge the gap between a vehicle and its environment by designing the vehicle to blend with its environment as harmoniously as possible.

Mercedes believes that in the ecosystem of the future, the ultimate luxury is the fusion of humans and nature with the help of technology. As soon as one gets in, the car becomes an extension of your own body and a tool to discover the environment. A cinematic concept that was seen not only in the movie Avatar but time and again in so many movies. It is amazing to see how Mercedes has given the idea life and brought it into reality.

The VISION AVTR had its power concept designed based on a particularly powerful and compact high-voltage battery. This revolutionary battery technology is based on graphene-based organic cell chemistry and completely eliminates the need for rare, toxic and expensive metals.

Thus, electromobility becomes independent of fossil resources.


With its four high-performance and near-wheel-built electric motors, the VISION AVTR generates a combined engine power of more than 350 kW, setting a new benchmark for EQ Power.

Additionally, with the intelligent and fully variable torque distribution, the power of 4 fully and individually controllable motors are managed in the best possible way in terms of driving dynamics, but above all in a highly efficient manner.

Super-Fast Charging

In addition to an exponentially high energy density, the technology makes it possible to fast-charging capability via automated, conductive charging technology. The battery will be fully recharging in less than 15 minutes. With a minimum of 94 millimetres, the battery adapts ideally to the shared space vehicle concept, thus maximising the multifunctional interior.

With a capacity of around 110 kWh, the VISION AVTR enables an electric range of more than 700 kilometres. By recuperating during roll-out and braking, the high-voltage battery can be recharged with a higher efficiency than established systems while driving.

All-Wheel Drive

The innovative all-wheel drive with torque vectoring completely enables new freedoms and driving dynamics at unimaginable levels meanwhile providing the best active safety features.

What this actually means is that each wheel can be driven separately, depending on the driving situation. Due to this feature that drives the front and rear axles simultaneously or in opposite ways, AVTR can move sideways by approx. 30 degrees, in contrast to conventional vehicles. This “crab movement” gives AVTR a reptile-like appearance in its movement.

Energy Efficiency

The neuro-inspired approach of the VISION AVTR, with its neuromorphic hardware, strives to minimise the energy requirements of sensors, chips and other components to a few watts. Their energy supply is provided by the cached current of the integrated solar plates on the back of the VISION AVTR. The 33 multi-directionally movable surface elements act as “bionic flaps”.

These bionic flaps also serve as an outstanding design feature. The flaps open and close and move sideways on either side, as the vehicle moves. It resembles the scales on a reptile only with cooler lighting.

There is nothing more to be said about the car other than that its concept is a milestone for Mercedes and the world, not only in terms of concept cars but also in terms of advancements in design, technology and environmental sustainability of luxury cars.

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